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The Stories That Pictures Tell

James Forr interviews renowned photojournalist Peter Turnley

Peter Turnley has worked in more than 90 countries and has witnessed and documented most of the major global news stories of the past 30 years, including the 1991 Gulf War; the war in Iraq; conflicts in the Balkans, Somalia, and Haiti; the fall of the Berlin Wall; the end of Apartheid in South Africa; and Hurricane Katrina. His photographs have been featured on the cover of Newsweek 43 times and his work has also been featured in National Geographic, Harper’s, Stern, and The Sunday Times of London.His relationship with Gerald Zaltman, founding partner of Olson Zaltman Associates, dates back nearly 15 years to his time as a Nieman Fellow at Harvard.

James Forr: I was just looking at some of your work on your Tumblr. You have one image that is a scene of just the most intense human suffering, and then the next image that you show is something like two lovers kissing on a park bench in Paris. What is the role of your own emotions when you are working?

Peter Turnley: I first began in photography when I was 16 years old, and a camera has been essentially two things. It has been one of a passport which allows me to go almost anywhere and have a sense of purpose for being almost anywhere and it allows me to be accepted in an incredibly wide and diverse array of situations relating to the world and human condition. And secondly, the camera has been a tool which honors me a voice, an opportunity to speak and to share.


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In The News

Olson Zaltman’s Abigail Rendin presented with Padmini Sharma of Jester and Genius at the Advertising Research Foundation’s Re:Think 2015 in New York on Wednesday, March 18. Their presentation “Using Metaphor to Drive Differentiation” focuses on ZMET research conducted for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The judging committee ranked this presentation as one of the “Top 11” of the more than 200 submitted.

Check out the presentation.

Gerald Zaltman’s article “Are You Mistaking Facts for Insights? Lighting up Advertising’s Dark Continent of Imagination” appears in the December 2014 issue of the Journal of Advertising Research.

Olson Zaltman’s Joe Plummer has been named to the Senior Advisory Board of the Journal of Advertising Research.  He also has been named a member of the 2015 Marketing Hall of Fame Academy by the New York Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

James Forr of Olson Zaltman had his article, “What Makes a Great Campaign Great” published in the December 2014 issue of Quirk’s Marketing Research Review.

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