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MARCH 2016

DEEP DIVES Special Edition:
Indie Women

They’re in the news everywhere right now: New York magazine ran a large cover story on them this month. They were featured on NPR’s Fresh Air and On Point. Ad Week is proclaiming them the new target to explore… and they’re the most powerful voters this year.

But who is this elusive new target that virtually no marketer is going after?

They’re Indie Women: 27 and older, unmarried, no kids, highly educated... and there’s 31 million of them.

These women have been largely overlooked by mass marketers, media outlets, and researchers.
However, there is very little research to understand what makes them different, why they are important and what drives them at a deeper level --  and how to tap into their deepest drivers to engage them.

Spotting this trend nearly a year ago, and inspired by the Curve Report, Olson Zaltman’s Carrie Patterson Reed and Jessica Ames Kukreti conducted their own study on these women - and we’re here to share the insights, to tell their deeper story.
Using the patented ZMET technique, Olson Zaltman conducted a deep dive to get to the heart of who these women are, what they value, and how they lead a life of creativity and exploration.

What’s inside the report:
  • Understanding the current social context
  • Exploring the values of these women and the issues that are meaningful to them
  • Explaining how marketers can engage with this segment
Too many marketers are overlooking the opportunities to connect meaningfully with this powerful group of cultural pioneers. Please click here to download your copy of our report.

About the Authors

Jessica Ames Kukreti

Jessica is passionate about gender dynamics and how this implicit and often unconscious framework impacts our day to day lives. She is a Senior Research Manager at Olson Zaltman and a veteran of the ZMET methodology for the last 13 years. Her expertise is rooted in Women’s and Gender identity from a sociological and anthropological pedagogy.  

Carrie Patterson Reed

Carrie has a background in art, psychology, and advertising – all providing different lenses to explore how the stories we craft about ourselves and the world are gateways into how we frame deeper ideas, values, and identity. She has applied this to her branding and insights work as a Senior Research Manager at Olson Zaltman for 7+ years.

Why Olson Zaltman? Because we listen. When you listen—and think deeply about what you hear—the possibilities are endless.

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