Meet Theo from Codename: Winger
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As you may know I've been planning a new young adult series called Codename: Winger. I'm starting book one during NaNoWriMo this month, right after I finish up the Leo & Matt novella I've promised to the Hat Trick fans.

As an exclusive preview, I'd like to introduce you to Theo, the title character for the new series. Here's the prologue to Codename: Winger:

     I guess everyone thinks their life isn’t much different than their friends, but mine really is.
     My name’s Theo and I’m a sixteen year old junior at McKinley High where I’m a damn good, high scoring wing for Tigers hockey. 
     I suck at science and history, but I can do anything with a computer. I’ve taken afternoon classes at MIT since last year. 
     Eddie is my awesome boyfriend. He’s a science nerd that makes me swoon. All he has to do is look at me over the top of his geeky black glasses and I’ll pretty much do whatever he wants. It was murder having him as my chemistry tutor last year because all I wanted to do was make out with his cuteness.
     Here’s where it gets weird.
     Five years ago I used my mad computer skills to figure out why my parents were always gone for long periods of time. 
     I wanted to know why they weren’t like other parents. 
     Usually if one parent’s gone, the other is around. Not so for me. They traveled together a lot, leaving me at home with Uncle John. 
     What I asked what they did for work, all they’d say is that they helped people. That wasn’t enough for the report I was supposed to do about what my parents did for a living. It seemed fishy to me.
     So I hacked their phones.
     I discovered they were agents for something called Tactical Operational Support. They traveled around the world and helped people. There was no way I could put that in an essay for Mrs. Alger.
     Oh, and Uncle John. He works for TOS with my parents. One of his jobs is watching out for me when mom and dad are away.
     Mom and dad grounded me for the phone hack. 
     TOS, on the other hand, was impressed and signed me on as a contractor to work with their tech teams on software and technology. Mom and dad didn’t like that, but decided since I already knew their secret it was okay if I helped out. 
     I make some serious bank on the job. It’s more than enough to keep me on the cutting edge of technology, have a sweet bike and save for college and beyond.
     I work on missions sometimes, especially ones where my parents are involved. 
     My first was when I was fourteen. Uncle John woke me up in the middle of the night to break my parents out of a confinement cell. The agency techs couldn’t do it fast enough, and John was certain I could. It was easy—I triangulated on the building TOS knew they were in, looked for the cell phones the bad guys were using, found the ones on the LAN and… 
     I suppose I shouldn’t talk about that. Ultimately I broke my parents out and disabled the baddies by electrocuting them with their own tech. 
     These days I’m teaching the agency guys how to think faster and be more confident with on the fly coding to solve problems. 
     As strange as this gig is, I love it. It’s a blast working through problems to get the job done, whether it’s an emergency like saving my parents or helping keep the agency’s tech up to date. 
     It sucks not being able to tell anyone though, especially Eddie. Mom and dad say telling anyone would put that person in danger. That’s why they didn’t want me to know. 
     My friends think I do consultancy work through my MIT connections, which is still awesome.
     Want to know what’s supercool about working for TOS? 
     To them I’m not Theodore Reese, or even Theo. 
     They call me by my codename—Winger.

I'd love to hear what you think of it. Drop me a reply to this email and let me know.

Meanwhile, I've got a couple other things to share: On my blog you can check out my plans for NaNoWriMo 2015 as well as get a recap of all the fun that was this year's GayRomLit.

Hope you have a great week!


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