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Organics to You Weekly Newsletter - Week of May 31st, 2021

Feature of the Week:

Portland Coffee Roasters

This year marks Portland Coffee Roasters 25th Anniversary in the coffee community with their popular organic coffee beans! Visit our store here to add to your next order!

Recipe of the Week:

How to Cook Fava Beans


Fava Beans are a springtime delight that sticks around until summer in cooler environments.

Step 1:  Shell the beans - There are a couple ways to open a Fava Bean. One is to break the tip off from the stem end, then pull the thin string to "unzip" the pod.

Step 2:  Blanch the beans - To quickly tenderize the beans, add them to boiling salted water. 1 to 5 minutes.

Step 3:  Chill the beans - Transfer them to a bowl of ice water. 5 minutes.

Step 4:  Remove the skins
- Remove the outer skin of the beans before eating.


Ways to Use:


- Add it to hummus

- Stir it into lentil soup

- Use them in a salad

- Saute or drizzle them with olive oil, then add some lemon juice, salt, and pepper for a simple side dish


Click here
for detailed steps with pictures.

This Week's Contents for the SMALL BIN:
See details and all other bins here

Fuji Apples - 3 ct**
Carrots - 1 ct**

Skinny Asparagus  - .75 lb**
Fava Beans - 1 lb**
Leeks - 1.25 lb**
Rainbow Chard - 1 ct**
Collard Greens - 1 ct**
Mini Seedless Watermelon - 1 ct

Cara Cara Navel Oranges - 3 ct
Gold Nugget Mandarin - 1.25 lb
Yams - 1.5 lbs**
Romaine Lettuce - 1 ct**
Baby Broccoli (Josie's) - 1 ct

**Local +/ Farm-direct


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