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Before I made a ton of money as an art critic, I had to work at American Apparel. It was an awful job, but it was either that or being homeless. I wrote about it for the Awl.

I still hate going into any AA store. But Saturday, after an afternoon of staring at rich paintings and people in Chelsea, I saw a big yellow "90 Percent Off" sign propped up outside the American Apparel on 8th Avenue. Sales like that get me every time.

American Apparel, sweatshop-free! How can I help you today? I purchased a yellow sports bra for just $2.80. 
The History of the Sports Bra
"What do you do for a bra? All that flopping about, it's hardly comfortable," complained Victoria Woodrow.

Meet the Woman Who Came Up With the World's Most Expensive Sports Bra
“New York City is the most fashion-forward yet unfashionable place in the world,” says Dooley, 29. “It’s like a sea of boring. Everyone wears all black, plain makeup, plain hair, plain this and that. You’d think in a place like this it’d be a little funkier.”

Editor's note: Gurl does not get New York.
"At the same time, it not only liberated women in a physical sense (the development of the sports bra, allowing women to participate in a wider range of activities, is particularly important here), but empowered them as workers and managers in a gender-specific manufacture."

From a review of Uplift: The Bra in America by Jane Farrell-Beck, Colleen Gau Review by: Shirley Foster, Journal of American Studies (Aug., 2003), pp. 321-322.
Sports Bras Are Protective, Feminist
Marketing their new product turned out to be a challenge. According to Lindahl, buyers for sporting goods stores were "squeamish" about displaying bras, which she described as not looking anything like lingerie. Stores that did feature the Jogbra were pleased by how well it sold. Soon, a number of makers, including Vanity Fair, Olga, and Warner were getting into the sports bra market.

Sports bras are good for women, but some people have not grown up past 5th grade and still believe bras cause cancer. WTF.
Although it may cause temporary discomfort, the idea that constant pressure on the breast causes trauma is not true.

Again, no bras of any sort are killing anyone.
"It just really is not logical in terms of what would increase your risk of breast cancer," says Louise Brinton, chief of the hormonal and reproductive epidemiology branch of the National Cancer Institute. Brinton, who has been doing research in the field for 30 years, says commonly accepted breast cancer risk factors are generally things that affect endogenous hormone levels.
In 1999, Brandi Chastain ripped off her shirt at the World's Cup. This was a big deal, and helped normalize sports bras. Let's note how the cover of Newsweek, which features nibs on "hate and the web" and the "rise of rock 'n' rap," could have made waves today. 
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Oh, Brandi. You were a champ, but then those soccer balls became too heavy. Should have worn a sports bra.

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