More pallets than Playstations.
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Meet FreshDirect's new mascot, Box Bot, a robot made out of boxes. Unsurprisingly, he can't move without the assistance of his sidekick, Dolly. Dolly needs a sidekick in order to move, too. His name is Delivery Man.
In winter, New Yorkers’ spending habits change. Common ways to spend $200 in the slushy-snow months include purchasing plane tickets (to get away from the snow), FreshDirect (to stay inside during the snow), or waterproof winter boots (when you cannot avoid the snow).

As you can tell, I went overboard with my first FreshDirect purchase. I don’t own the prepper badge, and I’m not waiting for the apocalypse—I just thought I'd stockpile food for the winter because I can only live off my corner bodega's canned food and Boar’s Head sandwiches for about two days. Then I start feeling sluggish, like I’ve been swallowing chunks of mattress that end up weighing me down. What this means is my body doesn’t do well with crap.* Thus, why I purchased two 12-packs of yogurt.

Boxes. God, FreshDirect. I don't need more moving boxes. I don't need more trash. The roommate's cat does not need another toy. 

Current research interest: How many individual products (and objects, and things, whatever you want to call them) are in the world? Like asking what’s the size of God’s left shoe, we might never know the answer.

Still, here’s some statistics I like: So many data sets need to be mined, and I will not rest until I've mined enough. That's it for now. Next week, I'll make sure to include many, many more stats.
*Except for nom nom nom pizza. 
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