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April 2015
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A Personal Note from Dada Maheshvarananda, Director:

  I continue to work on my book, Cooperative Games for a Better World: Facilitating Trust, Communication and Spiritual Connection that I hope to publish soon in English and Spanish. One Saturday afternoon we organized three hours of games in the park with 20 friends so I could try out some new ones – it was a lot of fun!

   I spent three happy three weeks in Brazil and miraculously remembered how to speak Portuguese! The colorful banner we made titled “Volunteer in Venezuela” resulted in twelve Brazilians discussing with me about coming to work – now the banner hangs in the incredible Terraviva Vegetarian Restaurant in Brasilia that has more than 300 visitors a day. The Ananda Marga Sectorial Retreat in Porto Alegre had 230 people, followed by the Neohumanist Education Conference with 180. I gave presentations on: "Economic Democracy", "Education to Change the World", "The Biopsychology of Cooperation", and "The Hero's Journey and the Spiritual Path." Of course in each presentation we did some cooperative games and group discussions. The Portuguese edition of After Capitalism is scheduled to come out in July.

   From May 9-19 I will do a speaking tour in South Korea to promote the Korean edition of my book. Then I will speak at the “Building the New World Conference” in Radford, Virginia, USA from May

   It seems to me that $375 for 4 days in a shared dorm room with all meals included is a pretty great price for an awesome conference! Ajowa Ifateyo of Grassroots Economic Organizing Collective will speak about cooperatives with me. Women PROUTists of North America will be represented by speakers Mirra Price and Liila Hass. For the first week of June I will give talks in Virginia, DC, Maryland and Delaware – write me for the schedule.

Centro Madre News

   Many university agriculture professors are sending their students to Centro Madre to study the success of this national model of small scale sustainable agriculture. A class of 27 students from the University of Higuerote learned about the reproduction and management of plantain and guava from Dada Atmapranananda. Ten doctoral students studied our irrigation system that uses water from the canal behind our land to fill up a water tank from where the water is pumped to the vegetable garden and the guava nursery. Although we have a well now, the pump we need is not available.

   Six agriculture students from Mision Sucre extension program are doing their internship in Centro Madre by cultivating an area of 200 square meters using intensive agricultural methods. Their goal is to harvest one ton of tomatoes and other vegetables, and they will donate to us all their sales income.

   Forty students from the University for Senior Citizens came to learn about medicinal plants and organic agriculture and received a delicious vegetarian lunch. Two of their students returned during Easter Week to work as volunteers and learn about yoga and meditation. Ten educators from the International School also came for a day, as did a group of 40 yoga students.

   A new farmer's RPLA cooperative was formed with 15 farmers, bringing the total of producer co-ops in Barlovento that we have organized to eight.

   Centro Madre produces a variety of food items from fruits, vegetables, and root crops. We need to process and preserve them professionally, for which we need to buy a food dryer produced in Venezuela. The cost is $800 plus transportation. Please give generously so that we can help more.

   We have bank accounts in Venezuela, the Netherlands and the United States, and paypal. Please write to find the most convenient way to give.

With five high school students in uniform, Viirabrata, Krsna, Rodrigo and Sélène.

   In the Ananda Yara 10-hectare project in Tartagal, Yaracuay, ViirabrataKrsna and their 9-year-old son Mahaviira make products which they sell locally: wholewheat bread, healthy dishes, beans, moringa leaves, soap, green fertilizers, and green pesticides. They give talks in the local schools about yoga, ecology, conservation of water and organic farming. Together with the local communal councils they organize fairs to highlight creative uses of avocados, coffee and cacao. They invite volunteers to join them for a week or a lifetime! Contact them at

“From a Book to an Exciting Cooperative in Monterrey" by Saul Escobedo tells the inspiring story of how a group of artists and other creative friends were inspired by Prout to start a film making co-op with a community coffee house.
Dada Maheshvarananda wrote a 3-page article, “Hugo Chávez Rewrote the Textbook for Social Change: Activists should learn from both his successes and failures”.
   We contributed an essay about Prout to a new report entitled “Proposals Toward a Different System: A Survey of Models and Approaches” under preparation by the Next System Project at the Democracy Collaborative. The co-authors form an impressive list of post-capitalist thinkers: Riane Eisler, Richard Wolff, Gar Alperovitz, David Korten, Michael Albert, Herman Daly, Emily Kawano, Michael Leibowitz, etc.

   Volunteer Sélène Viallard from France created an illustrated presentation in Spanish called “Global Capitalism: A Simplified Version”. She and Dada gave a one-hour interview about Prout and Venezuela via telephone from Caracas on independent community radio station KGNU in Boulder, Colorado, USA. The show was “It’s The Economy”, with brilliant host Liz Lane. At this link you can download the file or stream it mp3.

   Volunteer Thales Fortes from Brazil has written an article, “What Proutists Should Learn from the Kibbutzim Cooperatives of Israel” – he is still waiting for feedback from some kibbutzim experts. Now he has started a Masters degree in philosophy at the Central University of Venezuela.

   Volunteer Rodrigo Bustamante from Brazil has done invaluable help with translations, transcription, web design, and fixing computers. Now he and Sélène are studying how to utilize Barlovento's natural and human resources with grassroots development (block level planning) to generate full employment and a high quality of life for everyone.

   The Quinta Prout has had visitors from Australia, Brazil, Great Britain, North America and different parts of Venezuela. We continue to serve delicious and nutritious vegetarian dishes every day and also spend time gardening around the house. 
   On April 1 some of us at the institute produced our first music video: ReLOVEutionaries, with our debut song, "Dream for Venezuela". Click on the image below. 
We hope you like it!

   Our work remains the same; to raise consciousness, strengthen cooperatives, and promote economic democracy in order to transform lives and empower communities for the welfare of all.

   Though Venezuela has a bad reputation these days, especially in the U.S. corporate media, it remains a beautiful country with amazing people. Come for a visit, for comprehensive Prout training or to be a volunteer
Please invest in this project

Thanks to all our supporters and well-wishers. Your friendship and kindness sustain us. Together we can change the world.

What is the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela? PRIVEN was registered in 2007 in Caracas as an independent, not-for-profit foundation to put into practice the Progressive Utilization Theory (Prout). The following year the organization received usufruct rights and moved into the large Prout House, which has accommodations for ten staff and 40 visitors. International and Venezuelan volunteers together study, research and teach, applying Prout principles in policy proposals to resolve current problems. PRIVEN works closely with its sister project, CentroMadre (Mother's Center) in San José de Barlovento, a two-hour drive from Caracas, founded in 2000 by Didi Ananda Sadhana, and recognized as a national model of small-scale sustainable agriculture on only 3.5 hectares (8.6 acres) of land.

Contact PRIVEN: 
Quinta PROUT
Calle Terapaima con Mosen Sol final Colegio María Santísima
El Marques, Caracas 1070 Venezuela 
Tel. (58)-212-283.86.65  Cel. (58)-426-710-9825

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