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It is one of the strangest of IB Learner Profile attributes.  It means to put yourself into a position where the outcome is not certain and not necessarily in your favor.  As children, we are often taught to eschew risky things out of a fear that we might hurt ourselves or otherwise cause ourselves irreparable physical or mental damage.  Why then do we want to take on risks instead of avoiding them?  Shouldn’t we seek to minimize the risk in our lives and strive to only put ourselves in the most advantageous and certain situations?  The question behind why risk-taking is a good thing is one that is at the heart of life itself.  Perhaps not for all, but for me, there are things that I want in life that are not easily attained, and I must either choose to accept that I will not attain those things or that I will face my fears, take on the risks and achieve my goals.  I find that I am willing to face my fears and take on many risks to accomplish what I want in life, but that wisdom must be used to temper this fearlessness.  Bravery is exhibited in acknowledging the risks, the dangers, and proceeding anyway.  The word “bravery” has a positive connotation, but blind bravery, i.e. blindly proceeding in the face of dangers without considering the merit of the endeavor is surely not something to espouse.  This I ask you: are there things in life that you want that are not easy to attain?; are there fears that stop you from taking the necessary steps to pursue your goals?; and are you willing to attempt to succeed and risk failing?  For me the answers are “Yes”, “Yes”, and “Yes” and that is why risk-taking is one of my favorite, if one of the more complex, IB Learner Profile attributes. | Michael Blum


United Nations Team

Students of 9th and 10th grade participated in this year´s United Nation Model. The National High School Model United Nations Conference NHSMUN, sponsored by the International Model United Nations Associations (IMUNA). The event took place in New York City, from March 4
th to March 7th; ultimately, the conference had the objective of developing and valuing the International Education mindset.
March Calendar

March 13th 
Pi Day

March 16th
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March 19th
6:00-7:30 pm Parent Meeting

March 19th and 20th

March 27th
Teacher Meeting / No Class

March 28th
Spring Vacation Starts

April 12th
End of Spring Vacation
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