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Annual Fishing Trip

June 18: Go Fishing Day

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Father's Day

Scappoose Summerfest


"Go Fishing Day" - June 18
Gone Fishing
     June 18th, annual Go Fishing Day.  What a perfect day to have here in the Northwest!  Grab your pole, head out to the bank or hop in the boat, cast the line, and relax for a few hours... Or all day!  Just don't come home empty handed; all that work and no dinner makes for a rough ending to a great holiday. 
A Little Humor...
Lawyer Laughs
     "Q: What's the difference between a catfish and a lawyer?"
     "A: One's a low-life bottom-feeding scum sucker; the other
           is a fish."

-Lawyers, Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC, 2007

Q & A

"What legal questions do you have?"

     Do you have any questions about the legal system, talking with an attorney, or how a case may be handled?  Send us a message and we'll answer it in the next coming months' newsletters!
Office History News
Annual Clarke Fishing Trip
     Every year during the week of June 15th, Michael Clarke and all of the Clarke boys--his father, grandfather, uncles, and cousins all join together for an annual fishing trip.  The tradition began in 2000, making this their 16th consecutive outing!  Though the destination changes yearly, trout and Mackinaw (which are only found in some lakes), are always the catch.  As the tradition continues, Michael looks forward to the day his son is old enough to come along.
     "A couple years ago, my dad and I were fishing on Gold Lake, CA and we thought we snagged bottom with our lure.  We fought with the bottom for 15 minutes until we realized the wind had taken us to the middle of the lake, and away from shallow water.  For the next 15 minutes, we fought the biggest Mackinaw we had ever seen, on 4 pound test line.  The fish turned out to be 32 inches long, which is certainly not the biggest Mackinaw, but the biggest we’ve seen."
- Michael Clarke
The First Week of June                           June
National Fishing Week      This Month In History
     National Fishing Week is the first full week of June; which just so happens to coincide with most states' FREE fishing days!  So from June 6-13, get out, enjoy the weather with fishing pole in hand and no pressure to bring home dinner... It's a free day, so spend the money saved and have someone else cook dinner!

Gone Fishing!
     Back in 780 B.C., China was the first to record a solar eclipse on June 4th.
     One June 6, 1933, the first Drive-In Theater opened in Camden, New Jersey.
     The United States Army division was formed on June 14, 1775.
     World War One ended with the Treaty of Versailles being signed on June 28, 1919.
Monthly Calendar

June 1: Culpepper & Meriwether Circus
June 3: Marketing Meeting w/ Partners
June 6: Scappoose High School Graduation
June 8-12: Philip is On Vacation
June 9: Last Day of School - Scappoose School District
June 12: Business Planning Meeting for Partners
June 14: Flag Day
June 15-19: Michael on Annual Fishing Trip
June 17: Marketing Meeting w/ Partners
June 20: Annual Kiwana's Parade @ 12:00 PM
June 21: Father's Day
               & Summer Solstice (Longest Day of the Year)
June 26: Business Planning Meeting for Partners
June 26-27: Scappoose Boosters SummerFest
June 27: Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event
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