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Priestly ordinations 2015 in Florence, Italy in our church, Ss. Michaele and Gaetano


10th Anniversary of Saint Francis de Sales Oratory 
Oratory Projects and Repairs - 2015 Ordinations - Canon Gardner First Mass
Choir Camp Fundraising Site - Stained Glass Window Tour
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Dear Faithful and Friends of Saint Francis de Sales Oratory,
This coming Sunday we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the canonical erection of Saint Francis de Sales Oratory. This celebration is an important milestone in the road to revitalization of this beautiful church and its campus. It began with the invitation by then-Archbishop Burke, and with the confidence of our superiors in Divine Providence in assuming the responsibility for Saint Francis de Sales. From 2005-2008, it was the courage and perseverance of Canon Lenhardt, members of the Institute community, and the unwavering support of the faithful that provided the foundation for the restoration effort. Much of the work since then is to build upon that foundation.

For the foreseeable future, Saint Francis de Sales will continue to be challenging, stretching our capacity to persevere and to make sacrifices. However, the many material difficulties we encounter must not lead us to overlook the work God does here continuously in provding the intitial cause for all work of sanctification: His grace.

The channels of grace God opens here daily are never failing and ever new. In contrast to the pipes and other conduits on campus that rust and crack with age, constantly needing repairs, God's channels of grace in the Sacraments and the Divine Liturgy celebrated here daily are always fresh and efficacious.

It is with deep gratefulness for God's gifts that we celebrate the 10 years of the Oratory, and it is with profound joy in our hearts that we look forward to the future of this beautiful place of divine worship with its countless souls who have been sanctified here in the past, who are members of our community in the present, and who expect to guided by the Church's life in the future. With the generous support and blessing of His Grace, Archbishop Carlson, the Institute is eager to continue the work for the greater good in this privileged place in the beautiful city of Saint Louis.

In Christ the King,

Canon Michael K. Wiener

Rector, Saint Francis de Sales Oratory

Please join us this Sunday, July 12, when we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Canonical Erection of Saint Francis de Sales Oratory, together with Canon Matthew Talarico, the Substitute for the Provincial in the U.S. After the Solemn Mass, please join us for aa festive reception in the church hall.

Please invite family and friends to celebrate with us.
Completed Projects
Since 2005 when the Oratory was erected by then-Archbishop Raymond Burke, many renovation and repair projects, big and small, were completed every fiscal year at St. Francis de Sales.

The projects ranged in nature from complete overhaul to historical preservation to building improvement. In the beginning of the ten year period, the projects were immediate need-based, such as the restoration of the sacristy and portions of the rectory. As the Oratory grew, we focused on much-needed improvements, such as the hall, the convent building, and the exterior grounds.

Fiscal 2015 was no exception from the previous nine years. As the list of accomplished projects shows, this past year we tackled many emergency repairs (typical for the Oratory due to its age), but also we were able to direct more resources towards projects with long-term consequences, such as the preservation of the stained glass windows, and to begin to address the temperature control issues in the church.
All projects were completed at the lowest cost possible. To minimize cost, the Oratory relied on our resourceful in-house personnel, best experts in their field (e.g. windows and climate control studies) and very gratefully, on many talented volunteers who offered their time and skills.
The work at the Oratory could not be completed without the dedicated help and sacrifice of the faithful. Your constant support – in prayers, financial contributions, and manual labor, has been indispensable in the completion of these projects for His glory.  May God reward you!

Preservation and Restoration
- Paint removal on stairs (north entrance church)
- Four stained glass windows (church)
- Small stained glass window repair (church)
- Several roof repairs: convent, church

Climate Control Issues
- Rectory window replacement
- Climate controlled sacristy to safe keep the sacred vessels and vestments
- Weather-stripping to doors (includes new hinges, new thresholds, and resetting of doors)
- Re-tuning of the Church heating system
- Window replacement in sacristy
- Rectory rooms (1st and 2nd floor) remodeled
- New lights in sanctuary and on the transepts
- Emergency repair of leaks in roof
- Emergency tuck-pointing on the North steps and the rectory and convent
- Emergency repair to brick above clock (church)
- Extensive plumbing repair in the rectory (sink hole, sewage replacement in courtyard)
- Tuck-pointing on North facade rectory, 1888 and convent
- Collapsed sewer pipes replaced in the gym
- Addition of new, safer parking spots (ongoing)
His Eminence, Cardinal Burke, with 11 newly ordained priests of the Institute on July 2nd.
"Today we are faced with the happy reality that, if every member of the Institute were to return to Gricigliano at the same time and avail himself of that place reserved for him in choir, we could not possibly fit into the seminary chapel. And our numbers continue to swell with the eleven young men who approached the altar of God on July 2nd - the largest class of priestly ordinations in the history of our young Institute." This quote is from Canon Aaron Huberfeld from his article in the upcoming Seminary Society Newsletter.  How blessed we are to have so many young men seeking God's Will in their lives.  In addition to the priestly ordinations, seven were ordained to the Holy Diaconate, and nine to the Subdiaconate.
Please join us on Sunday, July 19, 2015 for the first Mass of Canon Edward Gardner at the 10:00am Mass. First blessings will be immediately after Mass and then please join us in the church hall for a joyful reception in his honor.

Camp 2015 registration is open! Please register today as space is limited.

Many who attend Masses at St. Francis de Sales Oratory remark on the beauty of the liturgy and specifically on the music which is an integral part of the sacred liturgy. The young members of our choir not only contribute their voices, they give hope to the future of the liturgy. While regular weekly rehearsals are essential, it is the annual Summer Choir Camp that has been extremely effective in honing skills that make our choirs what they are today.

The 2015 Choir Camp will take place on August 2-7, 2015, held once again at the beautiful Mount Saint Joseph Retreat Center in Kentucky. Registration is now open for children ages 10-18. For six days choristers will be immersed in daily music training with their peers, attend classes in Latin, Gregorian chant, music theory and vocal technique, as well as daily Mass in the Extraordinary Form. The formative experience in sacred music will stay with them for a lifetime.

Register Online Today: or by contacting the Oratory office (314) 771-3100.  The cost is $450 per student for the week. Please send a check or money order made payable to 'St. Francis de Sales Oratory' to:


St. Francis de Sales Oratory
c/o Nick Botkins
2653 Ohio Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63118


This year a number of families have inquired about the possibility of obtaining scholarships for Choir Camp. Scholarships can only be made available through the generosity of the faithful. Whether you have a camper this year or not, please consider making a donation to the Choir Camp in order to help as many youngsters attend camp as possible. Everything gained by these children through the Choir Camp will be given back to the Church for her divine liturgy many times over in future years. Donations may be made through the Oratory by check, or the DONATE button below. Thank you for your generosity!
We have also set up a crowd fundraising site on to support the Choir Camp this year.  The information provided on this site will acquaint friends and family with the needs of the Choir Camp, and make it easy to contribute. Please visit the site, and please share this link with anyone who might be interested in promoting sacred music among our youth.

Sacred Music Summer Camp 2015 "Ave Verum"
Please support this year's Choir Camp. Your generous donations will help more youngsters learn to sing the sacred music of the Church.
Mr. Bob Shea will give a 30-minute guided tour of the stained glass windows on the second Sunday of each month at noon. (Next tour will be this Sunday, July 12.) These tours highlight some of the more than 35 windows in our church and will cover both the art history and religious aspects. These beautiful windows were installed by the Emil Frei Company more than a hundred years ago, the same company we have contracted to restore the windows.

The tours are free of charge. Please bring your binoculars.

Sunday, July 12
Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Erection of the Oratory
Sunday, July 19
First Mass of Canon Edward Gardner: 10:00am Mass
Sunday-Friday, August 2-7
Choir Camp in Kentucky
Saturday, August 15
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Friday, December 11
Gaudete Gala - mark you calendars

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