The PROSE Newsletter: June 2016 Issue
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Volume 2 | Issue 10 | June 2016

PROSE Increases to 142 Schools!

The PROSE Panel is celebrating the end of a very successful year.  As a panel, we have accomplished quite a bit in regards to granting flexibility for schools to: increase diversity through the Office of School Enrollment, pay for high school alums to work as college bridge coaches through CARA, demonstrate teacher leadership through distributed leadership models, and piloting different special education models to name a few.  This month, we are welcoming 16 additional schools into the program who will continue the work of creative scheduling and programming, as well as creating creative school calendars to allow for more teacher collaboration and professional learning.  In addition we have 34 PROSE Pathways schools, who are not yet PROSE, but have the opportunity to learn from current PROSE schools in the areas of Models of Inter-Visitation, Increased Diversity, Distributed Leadership, Extended Learning Time and Flexible Class Sizes. Through this extended partnership, participants of PROSE Pathways have the advantage of creating robust applications that support “replication” of their areas of interest. In turn, PROSE has a solid pool of schools from which to pull for subsequent cohorts. To our entire PROSE community, we congratulate you for a great year. See you in September. Flexibly yours!!
~The PROSE Panel

Answers to many of the Frequently Asked Questions from PROSE schools have been posted on the PROSE Knowledge Base.

Lead Educational Associate Paraprofessional Position:
Many of our PROSE schools have asked for the flexibility to have Paraprofessional serve as assistant teachers.  After a citywide negotiation, this is now a possibility. For the 2016–17 school year, you will have the option of creating one or more Lead Educational Associate paraprofessional positions to serve as assistant teachers at your school. Lead Educational Associates will be able to work with individual and groups of students under the general supervision of a teacher who is either in or adjacent to the classroom; they will also be able to serve as substitute teachers for up to 10 days in the event that the teacher with whom they are working is absent. Beginning the week of June 20, interested paraprofessionals (including prospective hires) will have an opportunity to apply to be in the pool of eligible candidates for this position; you will be able to select a candidate from this pool to serve in this position for the 2016–17 school year. Note that this position is established annually; candidates may be newly selected for this position or their position may be renewed each year. The Lead Educational Associate is an annual position that pays selected individuals an additional $5,000 per year above their regular paraprofessional salary; note that the salary and differential for this position are the responsibility of the school.  
Additional details regarding the application and selection process, as well as the process of renewing the role after the 2016–17 school year, will be provided in an upcoming edition of Principals’ Weekly. More information regarding the Lead Educational Associate position is also available in this posting on the Principals’ Portal.
The PROSE program welcomed a third cohort of 16 schools into the program this month. The panel selected schools from four to five boroughs, demonstrating their commitment to supporting a diverse set of schools supporting students from all walks of life.
"This is teacher empowerment. This is what will lead education into the 21st century. PROSE exemplifies what the UFT has always sought for the teaching profession: collaboration, greater teacher voice in how teaching and learning is accomplished, opportunities for professional growth. And respect."
~ Michael Mulgrew, UFT President
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