The PROSE Newsletter: March 2016 Issue
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Volume 2 | Issue 7 | March 2016

Collaboration and Diversity at Center of New Round of PROSE Grants

Many PROSE schools have already been recipients of PROSE mini-grants sponsored by the UFT and funded by the National Education Association Great Public Schools grant. Our newest round of mini-grants involves  a two-part process  and is available to  schools interested in  building distributed leadership structures or supporting increased diversity in student enrollment.  For Part One, schools were able to submit a request for a small planning grant of up to $750 for purposes of creating a PROSE proposal around one of these initiatives.  In Part Two, schools that submit a PROSE proposal by Friday May 6th, that is then approved and ratified by the UFT chapter, may receive a larger implementation grant of up to $5,000. Implementation of this plan may begin in the 2016-2017 school year.
Many PROSE schools have applied for this grant, and are working on plans to distribute leadership across their school community or to support increased diversity in their school.
  In cases where schools are asking for changes in enrollment policy, the PROSE panel will work with the Office of School Enrollment to guide and vet the larger Diversity proposals submitted in May.

Peer to Peer Feedback Branded at Forest Elementary School!

At Forest Elementary, the goal is to provide a solid educational foundation and a sense of community by engaging students in rich learning experiences.  As a school, they strive each day to develop their students’ knowledge, independence, confidence and character by building trust and encouraging meaningful relationships.  The staff embraces learning by educating through many diverse curricula which evoke wonder and empower “the whole child”.  By continuing to build community among staff, students and families, Forest Elementary opens the pathway for a journey of life-long learning and a clear vision for the future.
The entire school community believes in utilizing evaluations for the purposes of development.  As they continue to foster a supportive environment in which they are all able to take intellectual risks, they have begun to engage in a collaborative peer to peer feedback process.
The teachers’ videotape their classroom lessons and receive meaningful actionable feedback from a specific panel. 

The panel is represented by teachers that teach on the same grade as the presenter, teachers from the grade above and the grade below, and an instructional coach.   During the peer to peer feedback sessions the participating teachers par take in a modified tuning protocol during which time they have the opportunity to explain their intended learning outcomes, and their data analysis of their students' learning.  The panel then crafts actionable feedback using their low inference notes from the video, the Danielson Framework for Teaching and a feedback preparation template. 

Colleagues have found the process transformational and impactful on their practice and their students' education.
April 1 - School Innovation and Change Awards: The PROSE team would like to share the School Innovation and Change Award.  While there is no DOE affiliation, this award offers a unique opportunity for PROSE schools to highlight their 5-year PROSE proposal for a $10,000 award.The School Innovation and Change Awards (SICA) recognizes schools that have become exemplary through innovative school reforms. The awards not only salute the ability to innovate and change, but it also provides proof that change leaders can make a difference. Interested schools can click here to apply

Save the Date: May 2016 - PROSE 2016 Celebration Schools: The PROSE panel asks all interested schools (PROSE and Non-PROSE) to join us for our end-of-year celebration to be held in May at the UFT Headquarters on 52 Broadway.  On this celebratory afternoon, we open the floor for exemplary PROSE schools to showcase their PROSE innovations.  Come hear from innovative PROSE school communities. More details to follow. Stay Tuned!!!
PROSE 2016 Application Deadline Extended to April 1st:

The PROSE Panel would like to thank all oft the schools who've submitted applications.  Click above to COMPLETE the 2016 - 2017 PROSE application if you haven't already. An application template and scoring rubric can also be accessed on the PROSE Knowledge Base prior to your completion.  

Join PROSE Now!!!

Please note that current PROSE schools do not have to reapply.

Answers to many of the Frequently Asked Questions from PROSE schools have been posted on the PROSE Knowledge Base.

Guidelines for Creating Unique 2016-17 School Year Calendars:
PROSE schools can create a school year calendar that differs from the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) citywide calendar. Given certain parameters, schools can redistribute their school days and recess days to develop a school year calendar that better suits the needs of their academic innovations. In addition to PROSE Panel approval, all calendars must be approved by School Superintendents, and the Division of Operation’s, School Session Time Administration.
The following guidelines should be considered by all schools prior to submitting their final proposed school calendars.

Please note that all calendar change requests will be subject to review and approval by the Calendar office. Accordingly, all requests must be submitted via the Calendar Change Request Application and must adhere to current Calendar Request Change policy.

PROSE Schools Given the Okay to Hire College Access Research and Action College Students
PROSE schools have been granted approval to hire CARA (College Access: Research & Action) college students under the age of 23 to act as college coaches who may assist with college applications, FASFA forms, etc. in their previous high schools.  These college students can be paid on the co-op student line.  

CARA is based at the CUNY Graduate Center; their mission is to bring alumni that are now in college, back to work in the school they graduated from to support seniors through the college search, application and matriculation process. They believe these returning college students – called “College Bridge coaches” – play a critical role in supporting our students to get to college.

The PROSE Panel will provide additional guidance around the 2016-17 hiring process.  Please contact us with additional questions.
Increases in ELA proficiency rates in Cohort One PROSE schools were on pace with increases citywide between 2014 and 2015.
"I think it makes a lot of sense for us to go back and think about how can we spread diversity in enrollment further."
~ Julie Zuckerman, Principal of Castle Bridge School
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