The Newest Board of Director.
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We could not be more thrilled to welcome the newest member to our board of directors, J. Chiedo John (he goes by Chiedo), President/CEO & Founder of Chiedo Labs, Inc. 

Check out below for Chiedo's bio and to learn his favorite thing about Harrisonburg, the best part about his experience as a Community Teacher & more...
Chiedo is a full-time follower of Jesus and loves to salsa dance. He graduated from James Madison University in 2013 with a Computer Science degree. He’s been writing code and working on computers since the third grade and running business ventures since middle school. Not only is he a big dreamer, he is also a big dream initiator. If it sounds challenging, you’ve got his attention.
A Few Minutes with Chiedo
What inspires you about the On the Road Collaborative mission?
Growing up, I had a lot of opportunities. My Dad made sure that I was exposed to all sorts of career paths. I believe firmly that to whom much is given, much is expected. On the Road is committed to helping young people reach their potential and that resonates with me. I want to play a role in helping the youth in our community have the same opportunities I had when I was their age.

What gifts do you look forward to bringing to the On the Road Collaborative team? I look forward to bringing one of the youngest perspectives to the team as well as a strong understanding on how to utilize and make the most of technology.

This semester you have served as a Community Teacher, teaching a Coding enrichment project for a small group of middle school youth. What has been the best part of the experience so far? The best part of my experience so far was the day when I gave the class a project and they finished early. Instead of becoming distracted and wanting to play games, they continued to explore and see what else they could do with their code. Seeing that same spark in the students eyes that I had when I was their age, was a great feeling. I could see that all the dots were starting to connect and that the students were realizing they could make their code do cool things without me. Once that happened, the world of code and possibilities really opened up to each and every one of them.
Chiedo and his co-teachers, including his wife, Kelsey, in action as a Community Teacher this fall. 
Why did you decide to join the OTRC board? The world is a big place. I can't solve all of the problems of the world or make a difference everywhere. But I can make a difference here, in our community in the lives of individuals and hope that as those individuals continue on, they can make differences in their communities. To be a part of an organization that is tangibly and practically making such a noticeable difference in the youth of our community, is not something to pass up. I love what On The Road is doing and I'm honored to be a part of the board.

What is one of your favorite things about Harrisonburg?
My favorite thing about Harrisonburg is the perfect balance between the city and the country. I couldn't ask for more. I live across from cows and have chickens in the backyard. Never would have seen that coming 6 years ago but I love it.
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