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Vol. 2016, No. 01
THIS ISSUE: 2 Questions to get out of your "wait and see" holding pattern | How to make work-life balance work | 4 New Year's resolutions to improve your career

2 Questions to Get Out of Your "Wait and See" Holding Pattern

At work we can sometimes slip into a less than helpful holding pattern of waiting for someone else to take action before we proceed. We think that we need more information based on what another person does, says or decided. And that when we get the information, it'll be "really telling." This kind of thinking tends to leave us feeling powerless and delay our own action, often unnecessarily.

In this article, I discuss the ways in which I help my clients move from a passive way of thinking about the decisions and actions of others to a more empowered way that prompts real action. In fact, it starts by asking yourself a couple questions. Read the article

How to Make Work-Life Balance Work

I often address with my clients the issue of work-life balance, especially when it surrounds the question of how they can achieve balance while trying to be successful? In this 2010 TED Talk, Nigel Marsh discusses work-life balance and proposes a solution that requires neither immediate upheaval nor waiting until retirement in order to do the things we enjoy. Rather, he challenges the meaning of success by defining it as “a life well lived"—a very helpful perspective. Watch the TED Talk

4 New Year's Resolutions You Should Make to Improve Your Career

Happy New Year! I'm generally not a huge fan of New Year’s Resolutions because they tend to be short lived and ineffective. But when the resolutions focus on noticing patterns and reflecting, I'm a bit more of a fan. In this short and sweet article for MediumGary Vaynerchuk encourages approaching 2016 with four resolutions that could transform not only your work life but your personal life as well. I particularly like the one about complaining less. Which one do you like? Read the article
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