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Vol. 2016, No. 20
THIS ISSUE: Need to break a bad communication habit? | 3 Feedback steps that wont crush your team | 7 Credibility-boosting phrases for presentations

Need to break a bad communication habit? Don't just "focus on it"

As professionals and high achievers, when we encounter a challenge, we often “focus on it” to get the results we want. But when it comes to improving communication and other issues that involve a habit on our part, that “focus on it” approach can often yield more inactivity than productivity.

In this week’s article I share with you how I coached a client through a difficult work communication issue she experienced and challenge you to resist your instinct to simply want to give the situation more attention. When it comes to addressing communication difficulties at work, instead of telling yourself to generally “focus on it”, consider coming up with a specific action plan to break the habit you're trying to break.

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3 Feedback steps that won't crush your team

Managers know the importance of providing coworkers with feedback. They also know that it can be a daunting task. Whether it’s good or bad news, how can your improve your approach to keep your teams motivated and the work environment positive?

This article published by the Center for Creative Leadership, outlines some simple and actionable advice about giving feedback to coworkers. By understanding the parameters of what feedback ought to be (and not be), delivering the information in a succinct and effective manner, and making feedback more frequent, managers may find that the once dreaded task of providing feedback can evolve into an empowering tool. 

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7 Credibility-boosting phrases to include in your next presentation

Making a presentation comes with a myriad of challenges.  Even if you know in your heart of hearts that you're qualified, it all comes down to that one morning or afternoon meeting when you get to make your case by sounding credible.

The people to whom you present want to feel that the they're in good hands when you're presenting—that you're confident and know what you're talking about. In this article by Geoffrey James for Inc. he addresses certain communication tendencies that may be having the opposite effect of what you intend. By including certain key phrases and removing others during your next big presentation, you can improve your credibility and allow your audience to feel that they're in good hands.

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