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February 2015
THIS MONTH:  Move Toward Your Vision
Message from Guillermo Villar:
Looking forward to spring? I am. It's been cold and snowy in North Carolina these past few days. So much so that it has prompted among North Carolinians expressions of solidarity like this one:

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this a couple days ago. As I write this, I can actually see the blades of grass poking through the thin layer of light snow on the lawn outside my home office. We may be the laughing stock of folks in New England and the Midwest as we fumble inexpertly with the little bit of snow that we get, but this is a great, self-deprecating reminder of how good we have it here.

Take some time in the coming days, as you look forward to spring wherever you are, to consider what good things you have going for you.

This month's newsletter is about moving toward your vision. We touch on "anchors" and whether they help you or not, and also on how to frame the vision of the life you want to live so that you're more likely to start moving toward it. I hope you find it helpful!



Anchors Away: are the ideas you’re anchored to helping or hurting? 

by Guillermo Villar
anchors away
In business, anchoring is a form of bias. It represents something you understand to be true, but you’re not quite sure why or how you got to that understanding. Usually it involves assigning some sort of value. In business it’s usually a monetary value, but in other aspects of our lives it can be money, or power, or relationships.

An anchor can serve you or not

Sometimes the anchor can serve you, but other times it keeps you stuck in place, as an anchor is meant to do, right?

I remember the last time I negotiated a salary for a corporate job. I had just gotten out of business school and I had a nice, round number in mind that represented for me a type of landing pad I wanted to arrive at after having invested in an MBA program. Keeping that number in mind during my negotiations served me in getting to a starting salary that I was very happy with.

Last week, I heard an example of an anchor that didn’t serve someone. It was a story of a business owner who wanted to sell his business of many years and retire. The owner had a number in mind that he wanted to sell the business for, but the buyer wasn’t quite meeting it. He got so stuck on making sure he got that number that he forgot to think about all the other reasons why he was trying to sell the business. 


Are you aware of your anchors?

I challenge you to think about one idea that you’re anchored to. Where is it coming from? Is it serving you, or is it keeping you stuck?

Click here to read the unabridged version of this article online 



Cambio Coaching hired by NC State MBA program

The Career Management Center for the Jenkins MBA Program at North Carolina State University will begin referring "Working Professional MBA" students interested in career coaching to Cambio.

These students are currently working and typically thinking about the next phase of their careers. Guillermo Villar will hold one-on-one coaching meetings with students via Google Hangouts video to help them explore ideal career options, and identify issues that may be holding them back. 

I'm so excited to be involved with the fantastic MBA Program at NC State University!


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A 3-step exercise to frame up your vision

framing up your visionIn a recent blog, I wrote about vision and how we can often start with a fuzzy, blurry, vague idea of what we want. And how that's OK. The important thing is to start creating some movement toward a vision of what we want, even if that vision is not fully in focus.

For those who may feel challenged or overwhelmed by the mere idea of coming up with a vision, here's a 3-step exercise that will help.

Step 1: Imagine
Imagine yourself in the future, being the person you want to be, living the life you want to live. Notice what comes up for you when you do that. 
  • When is it? Next week? Next year? 20 years from now?
  • What's the setting? Where are you? Who's with you?
  • Use your senses: What do you see? What do you hear? What does it smell like? It is hot or cold? What do you have in your hands? With what or whom are you in physical contact?
Step 2: Understand
Understand how important it is. Step 1 should help you come up with some elements of your vision. Now, ask yourself what's important about the vision that you've created in your mind? Does it connect with your values? Does it connect with your purpose? If so, how?

Ask yourself what happens if that vision doesn't materialize in your future? Could you "take it or leave it"? Or is it vitally important to you and to how you want to live your life?

If you find your vision doesn't seem to be that important to you, that's OK. Just go back to Step 1 and explore what elements you feel strongest about. They could lead you to a more powerful vision. One that you'll truly connect with.

Step 3: Remember
Now that you have a vision and you've convinced yourself of its importance to you, how can you keep it "front and center" in your mind's eye, and not have it fade like a bad New Year's Resolution?

Think back to Step 1 and think about whether you might have a dominant sense and choose something to help you remember:
  • If you're visual, maybe it's an image you think of, or a photo you post as your background on your cell phone
  • If you're tactile, maybe it's a small item  you keep in your purse or pocket. Something that reminds you of what you'd like to have and why it's important to you.
  • If you're auditory, maybe it's a song that holds meaning to you, or a jingle or a theme song you make up
Whatever you choose, it's something that easily and automatically brings up the feelings associated with your vision and with why it's important to you.

Take these 3 steps and notice how your vision gets more clear and vivid with time. 

Want more help with framing up your vision? Contact me.

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