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Vol. 2015, No. 17
THANKSGIVING ISSUE: Not feeling thankful? Try a little trust | NYT op-ed on gratitude | 2 words that will improve your networking

Not feeling thankful about your career? Try a little trust

In honor of Thanksgiving, I wrote a blog article about being thankful for my 102-year old grandmother-in-law Loretta who passed away a couple weeks ago. At her funeral, I had the opportunity to reflect about faith and trust and how those translate to gratitude for me—especially around the subject of career. I hope the article helps those who may not be feeling so thankful about their careers to trust what has worked for them in the past and feel some gratitude about that. Read the article

On gratitude

In this recent New York Times op-ed piece, the author talks about gratitude from many perspectives—from genetic to psychological to physical—and discusses its impact on happiness. You probably won't be very surprised by the author's basic thesis that the more grateful you are, the happier you are. But you might be interested in his discussion of the benefits of being thankful for "useless things."  Read the article

Tell me, what 2 words could improve your networking?

Check out this short article from that talks about the two words you can use to take your networking conversations to the next level: Tell me.

When you start an open ended question with these two words (as in, "Tell me, what's it like working at Company XYZ?") you  signal to your networking partner that you're engaged in the conversation and curious about what you might learn, making him excited to share and open up.  Read the article
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