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Vol. 2015, No. 13
THIS ISSUE: Wisdom in daydreams | Tech CEO decides in favor of work-life balance | Storytelling as a career boosting skill

What daydreams tell you about the work you should be doing

Have you ever noticed what you daydream about when your work life isn't going so great? It can give you helpful clues about what you'd really like to do.

A few years ago, when I was not loving my corporate job, I had a recurring daydream about owning a lawn mower repair shop, even though I know very little about lawn mowers or small engines, Still, there was something about that idea that resonated with me and got me more clear about what I wanted to do next in my career.  

What are your daydreams telling you?  Read more

If this CEO of a billion dollar tech startup can decide to have balance...

Max Schireson made some news a year ago when he stepped down as CEO of MongoDB, a database startup now worth $1.6 billion, essentially citing a desire for more work-life balance... Imagine that! He blogged about it in his post titled Why I am leaving the best job I ever had.

Mr. Schireson is now back in the news because he got another job, this time with a venture capital firm. Still, he remains intent on maintaining work-life balance. Reading this Business Insider article made me think that it's not really about the dollar amount or the position—it's about being clear on what's important to you and making the decision to honor that.  See what you think.  Read the article

Get good at storytelling to go where you want to go

As you navigate your career, it's important to make a connection with the people who can help you get where you want to go. When you're applying for positions, it can be about projecting the image of a real person in your resume and cover letter. When you're face to face, either networking or interviewing, it's more about being memorable and communicating your brand.

This CareerBuilder article provides a few great tips on how to be a better storyteller and help yourself as you craft your career.  Read the article
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