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Vol. 2017,  No. 10


Should women “man up” to get ahead at work?

I'll admit that this topic is a bit difficult for me. (Yes, because I'm a man and I risk mansplaining, but I'm talking about another difficulty.) One the one hand, I resist generalizing and lumping all women in the workplace into one big bucket. On the other hand, though, I coach a lot of men AND women, and I do see a trend.

Of the people I coach, women—more so than men—struggle with how they want to show up at work. In this week’s article, I refer to a book review in The Huffington Post that examines the issues with communication and gender in the workplace—from the words we use to describe women’s behavior as opposed to men to the expectations we put on ourselves and others based on our struggle with gender.

Many factors influence how we show up at work, so it's hard to say what might be the crux of the issue. I don't pretend to have nailed down the cause, but I do know a couple of things about the solution.  

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