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Vol. 2016, No. 13
THIS ISSUE: How to nail a job interview | Listening is an overlooked leadership tool | How to introduce yourself so people care and remember

How to nail a job interview

A job interview is your opportunity to set yourself apart from other potential and perhaps equally qualified candidates. In this article, Co-founder and CEO of Warby Parker Neil Blumenthal offers excellent advice on how to stand out in your interview.
Awareness of your form—your external behavior—and preparation of your substance—how well you can match your skills and narrative to the culture of the company—are the keys to making you an enthusiastic and compelling candidate.

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Listening is an overlooked leadership tool

Effective workplace communication isn't just about what you want to tell other people. Listening is just as important and represents a powerful tool that can truly transform a work environment.

In this article for HBR, Melissa Daimler describes different kinds of listening and how they help create strong leaders, safe environments, and innovative problem-solving. You might also appreciate the three tips she offers to start being a better listener: look people in the eye, create space in your day, and ask more questions.

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How to introduce yourself in a way that'll make people care who you are

Whether networking or joining a new team, we're constantly introducing ourselves. And typically, we simply tell people our what our job title is or where we work. Pretty forgettable!

This article by Lisa B. Marshall for The Muse points out an opportunity to introduce yourself in a much more memorable and impactful way by communicating your contribution, telling everyone clearly why you’re there, and being sensitive to cultural nuance.

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