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Vol. 2016, No. 24
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IN THIS ISSUE: Two words to aim for in your next negotiation | Why you're not (yet) a great public speaker | What to do if you're in demand?

Negotiation skills: Two words made a kidnapper drop his ransom demand


Negotiations breed their own particular brand of anxiety. I hear it from my clients and students, and I’ve witnessed it in my colleagues and friends. While there are skill sets and “tactics’ that can make a negotiation go more smoothly and eventually tip in your favor, it’s worth considering the beneath-the-surface complexity that affects how we make up our minds.

In this article for BW, Dharmendra Rai touches upon the “invisible negotiation” that happens when we are able to demonstrate our ability to see things from another person’s point-of-view.  Getting the other person to say the two words that’s right can make all the difference, even in the most extreme negotiations.

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Why you're not (yet) a great public speaker (and 5 things to do about it)

Sometimes it’s hard to know which is worse, sitting through a terrible presentation or giving one. The truth we have to face is that whether you're in a leadership position or not, giving presentations is becoming more and more an important part of any job. This means that great presentation skills will be in higher demand down the line.

In this article for ctpost, professional speaker Morag Barrett offers some practical tips, like don’t be a “steady Eddie” and don’t try to just “wing it”. With Barrett’s advice you can can evaluate your own performance and go from being an okay speaker to becoming a great one at your next meeting.

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Are you in demand? How to leverage multiple job offers for the best deal

When you’re in demand, the world may feel like it’s your oyster. While having a lot of job offers is nothing to be ashamed of, and it provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate your demands, negotiate your salary and consult with your family, it’s prudent to avoid some common pitfalls.

Telegraph contributor, Cristina Criddle, guides us through a list of do’s and don’ts that includes being upfront about your offers, not making it all about yourself, and definitely staying polite and gracious throughout the process. Criddle’s advice can help you to leverage your job options while avoiding potential unintended career casualties.

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