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Vol. 2016, No. 03
THIS ISSUE: 5 Tips for people who hate to network | Elizabeth Gilbert on the curiosity driven life | How to network with people you see every day

5 Networking Tips for People Who Hate to Network

I often hear from my coaching clients how painful networking is for them when they're trying to look for that next job or otherwise advance their careers. Sometimes networking is painful for them because they're introverts and they see it as something that taxes their energy tremendously. Or they feel 'fake' when they network—like a bad salesperson that everyone else can tell only cares about pushing product.

In this article I provide five things to keep in mind to look at networking in a more helpful way and bring out the best networker in you!  Read the article

Elizabeth Gilbert: Flight of the Hummingbird—The Curiosity Driven Life

In this video Elizabeth Gilbert, author of best-seller Eat Pray Love, discusses how she changed from believing that passion is the "be all end all" in terms of doing fulfilling work to believing that, for most people, it's more important to follow your curiosity.

Gilbert explains how "curiosity will give you clues to the incredible scavenger hunt of your life" and all you have to do is notice. In fact, your curiosity could lead you to your passion!  Watch the video

How to Network With the People You Already See Every Day

In a workshop I teach about how to make networking less painful, one of the questions that tends to come up is whether you can network with the people you work with—meaning those folks that are on your projects or on your team. It's a fine line sometimes, but the bottom line is that if all you're doing is conducting business, you're not really networking.

This article gives some good tips on how to network with folks you see everyday but may not know much about—you may see them in the elevator, or the parking deck, or the break room.  Read the article
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