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Vol. 2017,  No. 08

So often when we enter a negotiation, we're pretty much obsessed with the outcome WE want. We've done our homework, so we know the number (or whatever it is) we're trying to reach, and if we've been extra diligent, we also know our BATNA (i.e., the Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement). But aren't we forgetting something critical here? What about what 'the other guy' wants?

You might say, "We'll, that's his problem; he should come prepared to fight for his share of the pie." OK, maybe. But here's the reality: If your counterpart in a negotiation doesn't get what he needs, there will be no agreement
period. So, unless you make it your business to make sure that he gets what he needs as much as you get what you need, you could be walking away with nothing. Read More...

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