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Vol. 2017,  No. 43


The secret to a life of meaningful small talk

I was born hating small talk. HATING IT!!! As a kid growing up, I’d say: Oh my gawd, why do I need to engage in this senseless activity? 

My dad, who worked in a financial services office environment his entire career and regularly met business acquaintances “for cocktails” when I was growing up, explained to me: Yeah, I know what you mean; I don’t like it either. I’d much rather get down to business, but small talk is just one of those things you gotta do.

OK, maybe so. But now, many years after getting that small talk primer from my dad, I put a finer point on that advice. You can go from hating small talk to not just tolerating it—you can actually train yourself to enjoy it!  Read more

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