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Vol. 2016, No. 6
THIS ISSUE: Te role of luck in your success | The reason you keep landing jobs you don't love | New study: Stop chasing money, start chasing purpose

The first question Stewart Butterfield asks in an interview

"What role has luck played in your success?" It's an interesting question. In this article by Tess Townsend for Inc., she discusses how Stewart Butterfield, CEO of the business collaboration software company Slack, asks the people he interviews the following question: "Tell me your story."
What's interesting, though, is that one of the things Butterfield wants to hear about when he asks about you about your story is the extent to which you view "good luck" as a factor in your success. Butterfield himself attributes 98% of his success to luck. Wow! How about you?
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Here's the surprising reason you keep landing jobs you don't love

Avoid the pitfalls of people-pleasing during your job search. You want to be accommodating when you're looking for a job, but you can actually be so accommodating that everybody ends up losing.
This short article from The Muse talks about the importance of something I discuss with my clients all the time: Knowing what you want and what you don't want in a job! If you're not clear on your wants and your deal breakers, you may end up saying "yes" to a situation that's not right for you—or for your new employer.

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New study: Stop chasing money

Be more successful with a bigger "Why." This article from Inc. says that 28 percent of people are "purpose oriented." I'm definitely one of them, and my clients also tend to be.
The good and interesting news is that the 28 percent who are purpose oriented don't make less money than the 72 percent who are money-motivated. Also, the purpose oriented folks span every industry, every imaginable job type, and every age demographic. Go Purpose!

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