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March 2015
THIS MONTH:  Got Mindfulness?
Message from Guillermo Villar:
The other day, my wife and I turned on the TV and stumbled upon this movie called Million Dollar Arm, starring Jon Hamm (from the show Mad Men). It came out in 2014, I don't think it made a big splash.

The movie is about a sports agent who used to work for a big agency, but now is out on his own and trying to come up with the next big marketing idea that will keep his struggling 3-person firm from going under. He decides to recruit young cricket bowlers from India to be pitchers in U.S. Major League Baseball by setting up an American Idol-esque contest called "Million Dollar Arm". Things don't really go according to plan as he single-mindedly pushes to reach the goal he set for himself and his firm. More importantly, though, he ends up gaining great awareness about things he wasn't originally concerned about, including the awareness that he doesn't want to be the type of man who's more concerned with "the deal" than with the people around him.

I identified with many aspects of the story from Million Dollar Arm, including working for a large company and taking off to build a business. But watching it also reminded me that, just as I happened upon this movie serendipitously, lessons and and bits of awareness are out there everywhere we turn our attention, provided we're open to noticing.

This month's newsletter is about mindfulness. We touch on noticing without judgment in order to make space for what you want. We also introduce a tool to check in with yourself and notice how you're doing in aspects of your life that contribute to your well-being. I hope you find it helpful!


Notice more, judge less, and make room for what you want 

by Guillermo Villar
anchors away
I like using the word “mindfulness”. Mindfulness is all about noticing your thoughts, your feelings, your body, your behavior. And here’s the key—and also the hard part: it's about noticing all those things without judgment.

We all have thoughts, but many of us can’t help but accompany those thoughts with a heaping helping of judgment. And it’s often not the “nice” kind either.

It’s often the kind of judgment that says things like:

     “You’ll never be happy at work”

     “You don’t come from money, you’ll never be wealthy”

     “What’s wrong with you, why do you always trust the wrong people?”

It's judgment that keeps you stuck right where you are.

Mindfulness is about noticing without judgment. To be clear, though, mindfulness is NOT about replacing negative judgments with positive ones. It’s about divorcing your observation from judgment altogether.

Have you ever heard the Chinese parable of the farmer, his horse and his son? If you haven't, you can read it here. The moral of the story is “don’t get too hung up on judging whether something is good or bad because you just never know.”

There’s something powerful about noticing, with kind curiosity and without labeling as either “good” or “bad”, that seems to have a positive effect....

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Links & Tools

Your Well-Being Dashboard

framing up your visionWhat information do you need to maximize your well-being?

At work, many of us monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and other important stats and data. However, when it comes to our own personal lives, and to our well-being, most of us don't think in these terms.

I offer my coaching clients a tool called the Well-Being Dashboard, in which they first identify the different elements that contribute to a sense of well-being in their lives, and then check in with themselves around those elements every 1-2 weeks.

People tend to identify anywhere from 5 to 10 elements. They can include things like:
  • being "in balance"
  • feeling useful
  • time with my family
  • a sense of mastery at work
  • appreciating beauty of all kinds
There's no limit to the variety of elements that can contribute to people's well-being. And it's different for everyone.

What's the value of checking in on the elements of your well-being?

The greatest value is in simply checking in with yourself -- something you may not always take time to do. Paying that kind of mindful attention to how you're doing, without necessarily trying to fix anything, can have a positive effect in and of itself.

But sometimes noticing how you're feeling in a certain area will provide good information, too. For example, maybe you'll notice, as you check in every week in the area of "feeling useful in my job", that the more tired you are, the less useful you feel. Maybe there's a cause and effect relationship, maybe not. Maybe both conditions are present as a result of a third condition that you haven't yet identified. It's food for thought.


What well-being elements will you start tracking?

In the coming month, try this:
  1. Pick two elements that contribute to your well-being
  2. On a scale of 1-10, rate how you're feeling in those element
  3. Check in with yourself once a week and rate yourself
After a couple weeks, notice what comes up for you. What patterns have you identified? Are your numbers going up? Down? What new awareness have you gained?

If you have questions about the Well-Being Dashboard, or want help creating yours, contact me.
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