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Vol. 2016, No. 22
THIS ISSUE: The biggest mistake women make when negotiating | Listen your way to better communication | One word to make email feedback sound less critical

This is the biggest mistake women make when negotiating

Terms like “lean in” have become part of the cultural lexicon due to the best-selling book by Sheryl Sandberg, which sparked a national discussion about what it means to succeed as a woman in the workplace.
In this article for Fortune, Beth Kowitt reports on a discussion from the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit. In it, leaders from major corporations like Susie Scher of Goldman Sachs address why women have such a hard time negotiating for themselves. Scher goes beyond the misconception that women just don’t ask for better deals or more money and, in fact, proposes that leaders need to invest in training women on how to better negotiate. Understanding what she calls the “issue matrix” allows women to analyze and express what their needs and priorities are. Making women better negotiators then becomes an asset to all parties involved.

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3 Ways to listen better and become a more effective communicator

Taking a varied approach to how we listen and how we express ourselves can dramatically improve workplace communications. Media depictions often reinforce stereotypes about the way women and men express themselves, but according to research for Fox News US by Thuy Sindell and Milo Sindell, some of these tendencies do hold true. According to their research, men typically look for clarity while women look for emotional context.
Learning to combine both approaches can make for a powerful and effective communication strategy, especially in the workplace. Thuy and Milo Sindell offer several tips on how to vary your listening skills and communications strategies in order to create more effective teams and improve communication gaps between genders.

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You can make your email feedback sound less critical with one word

One little word can change the whole tone of your email. We’ve all been on both sides of an ambiguous email. Tone is something that can be easily lost even if you use the same affable terms you use in “real life”.
In this article for QUARTZ, Ephrat Livni discusses the power of yet. This tiny word can go a long way in transforming an email containing potentially coarse-sounding feedback with a "fixed mindset” to one that expresses a “growth mindset.” By using “yet” effectively, you can avoid misinterpretations and make your emails a powerful tool for success.

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