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Vol. 2017,  No. 27


Story sandwich

In recent weks, I discussed the "information sandwich" and specifically the importance of getting right to the point in your emails and having a good closing for your presentations. In this week's blog, I'd like to address how to apply the "sandwich" approach to the stories that you tell at work.

When telling stories, most people forget to provide context or importance before starting. Here's a typical start to a story you might hear at work:  "I have a story about that Division Manager. Got a minute? OK, so 2 years ago..." (And then the story starts.)

What's the problem with the start of that story? Two things: (1) It doesn't say what the story is going to be about, and (2) it doesn't tell me why the storyteller thinks I'd be interested in hearing it. Want to hear a much better start to that story that "sets the table" for what you're about to serve your audience?  Read more.

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