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Vol. 2016, No. 04
THIS ISSUE: Are you stuck in a work rut? | Red flags you raise with your language choices | Can we be mindful at work without meditating? 

If you’re stuck in a work rut, stop focusing on the problem

Have you ever felt stuck in a work situation? You were hoping that things would improve but eventually came to the realization that it's just the way it is. What's worse, you just can't see how you can get out of that situation. That's a horrible feeling—feeling stuck. I've been there.

In this article I tell you how I viewed my "stuck" situation as a prison cell, and how a shift in perspective from focusing on the problem to focusing on solutions can help get you unstuck.

Read the article.

Interview red flags you may be raising with your language choices

In this great article from The Toronto Star titled "Subtle job interview red flags that employers notice", Peter Harris discusses the often inadvertent language choices you make when you're interviewing for a job and how they can give clues to your interviewer.

What message are you sending when you use "we" instead of "I" as you recount an accomplishment? Are you unwittingly using hedging language—like starting sentences with "Basically..."? And my favorite: Did you know that high-performers talk in the past tense much more frequently than lower-performers? The power of language!

Read the article.

Can we be mindful at work without meditating?

Maybe you don't need a new job or a new career to feel better about work. Maybe you just need to practice a little mindfulness!

In this article from HuffPost Endevour, Leah Weiss explores how we can be professionally mindful—knowing what it means to bring a sense of purpose to work, noticing and speaking your truth on the job, and taking time to reflect.

Read the article.
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