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Vol. 2017,  No. 22


Enjoy the silence

I had a guitar teacher once tell me that the notes you play during a solo are as important as the silences you play. I remember that my first reaction to that idea was: “What do you mean ‘play a silence’? Isn’t silence just something that happens when I’m not playing notes?” Well, if you don’t leave space intentionally, then yes—and that’s the point.

You have an opportunity to use silence more intentionally to connect more with your audience and get better results.
But why does leaving space intentionally work? Isn’t it just a wasted opportunity to convey more information? And doesn't it create awkwardness? For the most part, no on both counts. If you're worried about it, maybe you’re caught up in the idea that productivity means saying a lot and doing things faster. I invite you to consider the power of silent space. Read more.

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