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Vol. 2015, No. 09
THIS ISSUE: Are you professionally independent? | Clean up your desk, for joy's sake | How to land the job you REALLY want | A 7-day deep dive

How professionally independent are you?

This month of July, as the United States celebrated its national independence, I've been giving some thought to something I call...
professional independence
the feeling that you can do what you want to do for work, regardless of circumstances changing around you

Where are you on the professional independence scale? Are you more of a Prepper, or more of a Chiller? (Find out about these archetypes in the full article.) Are you ready for anything to happen and still be able to do work you want to do? Are you OK if you're not ready? You might be. Read more

Clean up your desk, for joy's sake! 

I am a huge advocate of finding joy in work. In this short video, Maria Kondo, author of the best selling book The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up helps Fast Company's Erin Schulte purge her workspace of anything that doesn't have a function or "spark joy".

While you may not have a miscellaneous, orange prison jump suit stashed away in your desk like Ms. Schulte (see it balled up in the photo on the left), you can still benefit from the mental decluttering that results from physically decluttering your workspace using the guiding question, "Does this item spark joy for me?". View the video

How to land the job you REALLY want

According to this article from The Muse, you land the job you really want by (1) being really clear about what you want and don't want in your next job, and (2) not being afraid to say "no" to a job offer if it's for one you don't really want. 

The article cites being a "people pleaser" as the main reason people don't get the job they really want. That may be, but I think just as big a reason is that people haven't really thought through what's important to them in the work they want to do. Either way, the article has good advice to help increase the chances that you'll be fulfilled in your next job. Read the article

COMING NEXT WEEK | Finding the Work You Love: a 7-Day Deep Dive

Cambio has put together a series of fun and insightful exercises to help you get closer to finding the work you love! Join us on social media next Monday as we kick off a 7-day deep dive.

Stay tuned!!
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