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Vol. 2015, No. 19
THIS ISSUE:  This Existential Question Will Raise Your Communication Game  |  A Mental Trick to Help with Challenging Conversations  |  3 Ways to Reinvent Your Career for the New Economy

This Existential Question Will Raise Your Communication Game

How often do you find yourself frustrated by an email or conversations that seems to be going nowhere? How often are you the one doing the writing or speaking? 

In this article, I discuss the impact of purpose and importance in business communication. Whether you're on the delivering side or the receiving one, consciously asking yourself the somewhat existential question 'Why are we here?' can raise your communication game to the next level.  Read the article

A Mental Trick to Help with Challenging Conversations

How many times do we doom a situation at work because of how we perceive a certain colleague? In this article for The Harvard Business Review, Liane Davey addresses the workplace stresses commonly brought about by negative perceptions. I often guide my clients to assess their current situations by paying attention to their own thoughts and preconceptions.
As Ms. Davey’s article suggests,
mindfulness may be the key to alleviating workplace drama. Check out her simple trick to notice your biases by imagining the same situation from two different perspectives.
Read the article

Three Ways to Reinvent Your Career for the New Economy

I'm on board with the notion that the working world we live in today isn't the same one our parents and grandparents lived in. A thought worker today has to act as a kind of independent contractor who looks to apply a portfolio of passions and skills to different work settings.

In this article from Fast Company, Jeff Goins promotes the benefits of change, play and continual learning as keys to always find a place in the new world of work. His article not only describes the current career climate, but encourages us by supporting the idea that we are as valuable as our willingness to grow—at any age.  Read the article.
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