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It depends on what you’re trying to say

Vol. 2018,  No. 21

Body language in business: Don’t forget it, but don’t overthink it

Whether or not we believe the often quoted statistic that 93% of communication is non-verbal, most of us intuitively understand how important body language is to in-person communication. And yet, when I talk about the importance of body language to clients, I sometimes hear pushback that sounds something like this:

“Hey, just because I’m crossing my arms doesn’t mean I’m closed off to what someone’s saying. I might just be cold. Or I may be crossing my legs so I can be more comfortable and listen to them more intently.”

The first time I heard this pushback on the importance of body language, I stumbled a bit, but I also realized that I may have inadvertently been indoctrinated around what crossed arms and crossed legs communicate in a work setting. I now acknowledge that both points of view can be true at different times.  Read more

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