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Vol. 2015, No. 12
THIS ISSUE: 3 Reasons you're not doing what you want for work | What happens in a coaching meeting? | Become a better listener

3 Reasons you're not doing what you want to do

I love Bob Dylan's quote: "A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night, and in between does what he wants to do."

It sounds simple, right? And yet, so many people don't do what they really want to do – whether it's for work or in life. Why not? 

In this blog article, I discuss 3 main reasons people don't do what they want for work, and some ways to overcome those reasons. 
Read more

What happens in a coaching meeting?

I often get the question from people who are curious about coaching, "What happens during a coaching meeting?"

Well, it varies depending on the coaching engagement. We may spend time discussing a new tool that the client will use, or checking in on the client's well-being or on progress they made toward one or more goals they set for themselves. 

Quite often we enter into what's known as a coaching conversation. which isn't just chatting or musing about a topic that's on the client's mind. It's something much more structured and geared toward achieving an actual desired result. Read more

HBR Ideacast: Become a better listener

Good listening is the cornerstone of coaching, but it's also an important skill to have in relationships, in business, and in the workplace. I ran across this Harvard Business Review Ideacast with an interview of author Mark Goulston, author of the book Just Listen

In this audio piece Goulston talks about how being a first-class noticer is the key to good listening. He discusses the 4 levels of talking and listening: (1) Talking over people, (2) talking at people, (3) talking to people, and (4) talking with people. This last one is the "gold standard" because it invites people to relax and welcomes them into a safe conversation. Listen to the interview
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