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Vol. 2016, No. 02
THIS ISSUE: Feel like you're not doing enough? Change the question  |  Dealing with the Impostor Syndrome  |  50 Thoughts to motivate you to do anything 

Hate Feeling Like You're Not Doing Enough? Change the Question 

How many times do we put ourselves through the mental ringer of feeling like we’re not doing “enough” for our job, our career, or our business? Anxiety sets in on our already weary bodies, even when there’s obviously not much else we can do.

In this article, I encourage you make a shift in thinking from "What can I be doing?” to “What do I want to be doing?” It’s a shift that's not only effective in giving us a sense of peace and empowerment when our bodies are telling us to stop, but one that we can implement before our bodies make us.  Read the article.

Learning to Deal With the Impostor Syndrome

In this New York Times article, "Sketch Guy" Carl Richards discusses The Impostor Syndrome. It's that feeling that tends to creep up for many of us when we're on the verge of progress and achievement. The feeling that, despite our efforts and accomplishments, we’re somehow frauds.
These voices inside our heads may say: “Who gave you permission to do that?” or "Why do you think you're talented enough to do that?” In addressing these Impostor Syndrome thoughts with my clients, I too encourage them to approach the thoughts as in the story in the article about the Buddha and the demon Mara: Invite them in for tea. Read the article.

50 Thoughts That Can Motivate You to Do Anything

This article from Entrepreneur offers up a handy list of 50 positive thoughts to keep you motivated in 2016. Whenever we’re embarking on a new goal or aspiration, it's inevitable that we'll face challenges and moments of uncertainty. Some things will be out of our control, but just as the article’s subtitle puts it: Control what you can!

One thing we can practice controlling is our thinking. While negative thoughts can be overwhelmingly debilitating, the good news is that positive thoughts can be equally—if not morepowerful. Give this list a try to get your thoughts where they need to be as you pursue your 2016 goals.  Read the article.
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