Cambio Communicator, Vol. 2017, No. 02
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IN THIS ISSUE:  Speaking up at work | How millennials are impacting the future of communication | 9 Ways to become a better public speaker

Should you speak up at work even if it's uncomfortable?

As a coach who specializes in communication, I often help clients through the discomfort they feel speaking up at work. As difficult as speaking up can be sometimes, its value cannot be overstated. To best serve your company, your clients, and even yourself, you need to communicate your opinions confidently and skillfully.

In this week’s article, I offer you some pointers on how to best assess when and how to speak up. For example, consider the importance of the change you could make by expressing your point-of-view. Also, choose to offer solutions, not just complaints. And practice speaking up with people who'll give you honest feedback. Following the advice in the article won't only make you feel better when you speak up at work; it'll also help you communicate your value to the organization.

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Here's how millennials are impacting the future of communication


There’s not getting around it: millennials are setting the pace for how we communicate in our personal and professional lives. This isn't bad news, though. Chat apps, messaging platforms, and social media all provide opportunities to connect with one another in the workplace and also to reach our customers where they are—on the their phones or laptops.

While the latest trends in messaging may seem to be pushing out the original digital communication platform—email—the truth is that email remains an important part of the digital landscape, particularly at the office. In this article for Business Insider, Laurie Beaver reviews the trends that millennials have brought into the way we communicate. While many of them make connecting easier, more informal, and more effective, businesses should consider security risks, data issues and other factors when choosing which way to communicate. For many reasons, we can safely say that email isn’t going the way of the quill and scroll just yet!

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9 Ways to become a better public speaker

Public speaking is often wrought with fear and anxiety, but you may be doing it more often and better than you think! You can conquer your fear of public speaking by recognizing all the ways you’re always practicing and by seeking out more opportunities to get better before your boss assigns you the next big presentation.

In this article for Interesting Engineering, Ryan Foland offers 9 practical bits of advice for improving your public speaking skills. He reminds us that any time you voice your opinion, you’re speaking in public! He also encourages us to embrace our mistakes by participating in every opportunity to speak. For example: take on leadership roles at your church or local school; tell more stories; ask more questions. Wherever you begin, Folan encourages us to put ourselves out there, make mistakes, and then watch your form and confidence transform.

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