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23rd June April 2015

Dear <<First Name>>

In April Steve was hit from behind on the A38 at 8.10am by a moped rider and knocked from his bike to the road. In the process he broke two bones in his left ankle and went to hospital. 16 days later he was back, pedaling a recumbent ICE trike (with one leg) around the cycling track at Milton Keynes Bowl. He felt that riding the trike would aid rather than hinder his recovery - and this appears to have been the case.
Steve’s fully back on the road again, now riding his two wheeled Raleigh Sojourn touring bike and still determined to see 2015 out with the highest mileage he can possibly achieve. Some think that Godwin’s figure of 75,065 miles is now out of his reach, and it may well be. But Steve hasn’t given up, he’s riding as many miles as he can each day in order to fight his way back onto his original record schedule, and he has a plan for achieving this.
We managed to catch up with Steve at the weekend and ask him a number of questions provided by those following his Facebook account. As always, Steve was refreshingly to the point. He’s committed to his attempt to eclipse Tommy Godwin’s record and is determined to repay all the support he’s had with success in this goal.
Q & A:
Is record still achievable?
Yeah think so, otherwise  would not be carrying on.
What would you be doing if you had stopped?
Well I’ve got to get my fitness up, whichever attempt is on. Might as well carry on now.
Do you ever have cheeky beer ?
I’ve think I’ve had 3 this year, I know I’ve had at least two, maybe three.
Do you still want to throttle the moped rider who injured you?
No - never did
What food do you like to eat?
I eat whatever I like: cheese, Essentials muesli  bars, flapjack, fry ups, KFC, everything you shouldn’t eat. In the main I focus on food that is quick to get hold of.
How do you keep motivated when weather is wet ?
Don’t think about it - just like going to work
How do you ride with such a low heart rate?
I have to, I can’t do it at high rate, it would be like trying to sprint for half hour, which you cannot do when you’re riding high mileages.
How many miles are key components lasting?
I’ve not changed disk pads at all and used really good chains, they’re top notch and  last a lot better than most. Not really sure on other components, as helpers are sorting the bike out. I’m not really focused on it - but everything seems to be holding out really well
What was your weight at start, how much have you lost?
I lost about 7kg, was 72/73kg at the start and now  am 66kg (more or less).
What do you think about when riding?
Any old crap that comes in my head, maybe planning the next day’s ride, working out where to go given the weather forecast…
How many hours sleep are you getting?
Varies, can be as little as 4 (if recovering from a big day) or as much as 8.
Who are you competing against Tommy Godwin or Kurt Searvogel?
Neither. I’m just trying to do as many miles as I can and pass Godwin’s total. I’m not competing against him - as he’s not here - and I’m riding under different conditions.
How quickly do you get to bed each night?
Depends on how many interviews I have to do [smiles at the interviewer]. I’m down to 30 minutes on a good night but can be as long as 2 hours if I’m being hosted (or buggering about with some other issue)...
What sports supplements are you using?
Currently just hydrations (nuun) and vitamin tablets. Also use protein drinks from time to time.
How many sausages do you eat a day?
1 every ten miles…
What cycling shorts do you use, do you change them through the day?
I use Milltag shorts and manage fine on one pair a day.
What strategy do you have for dealing with “arse issues”?
Simple, Chapeau bumcream, it’s really good, I had some sores in Jan but this cream has done the trick…
What has been the biggest physical challenge so far?
The cold weather in January.
What’s your main tip for cycling high mileages?
Enjoy it, you won’t do it otherwise.
Has there ever been time you wished you had not started?
Does  the ankle hurt?
[laughs], only if I kick it
How do you deal with sleep deprivation?
Simple, I sleep. I cannot afford to get deprived as it slows me down, when you need it you need it. I can sleep at the end of the year.
Have you had neck muscle problems?
A few aches  initially but got I’ve stronger now and don’t have any issues.
Do you prefer to ride in company or alone?
I like both, I’m not that easy to ride with, as I’m very strict about my own pace.
What is favourite part of attempt record?
Just riding the bike, the fact I get to ride it all year and not have to go to work.
Are you still excited about the record?
Yes, suppose I am, but really it’s just something I want to do.
What is longest between full English breakfasts?
Not had one this week, probably the record, I have a short memory.
What’s your average cadence?
No idea, probably quite slow.
What’s the number one thing you’d like to do but can’t, are you missing any other hobbies?
I don’t really think about it, maybe go touring or watch live music (like heavy metal festivals). But I’m doing this now, it’s something to look forward to afterwards. I know I can do it afterwards, I never wish I wasn’t doing this.
Did you ride up Porlock Hill  on 90inch fixed?
No, not sure where that myth came from, I walked up the first steep bit on 64 inch fixed.
What are thoughts on starting again are you chasing Kurt now?
It’s just the obvious thing to do, I’ll have a better run at once fit. I don’t feel I am chasing Kurt, he hasn’t beaten me yet, he’s ahead of me but hasn’t ‘beaten’ me.
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