Dear fellow ColecoVisionists,

Spring is upon us, and with that it is time for some exciting ColecoVision news! 


In January we started pre-orders for 5 Color line games: Warp&Warp, Bosconian, Tank Battalion, Sweet Acorn, and Xyzolog.

Today we have bad news and good news to share.

First the bad news: the plastic boxes we used with our Color line games recently ceased production and are no longer available. As the result, we are forced to delay our planned March shipping date.

The good news: We made the decision to start using our Premium line boxes for all games. We are also updating our box design to follow the Premium line design (albeit using the Color line color scheme instead of silver). All our games should now look a lot cooler next to each other on the shelf. In addition to that, all 5 games will include some improvements.

Unfortunately the forced change in box format will delay all games by around 3 months, from March to June, due to the manufacturing time frame. We greatly apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand that it is beyond our control.

First Color Line games to be re-released.


SGM is still on track to start shipping this month. Pre-orders will be contacted soon with final invoice. In case you haven’t placed your pre-order yet, there is still time.

SGMs are now available in two different colors, black and ADAM beige

Click the buttons below to place your pre-order.


The SGM is an expansion module that plugs into your ColecoVision’s expansion port and greatly enhances the console memory. It also doubles the ColecoVision sound capabilities. A vast library of more than 70 enhanced games is available for the SGM. And we are just beginning.

DKA and Pac-Man DX Coming Soon

Due to the delicate nature of the IP, DKA is now an Opcode Club exclusive. Additionally, there is a limit of one copy per member.

DKA is a brand new port of the classic Donkey Kong, complete with all intermission, screens, high-score saving and more. Pac-Man DX is an enhanced version of Pac-Man Collection, including ports of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus (and if you are a Super Game Club member, Crazy Otto).

Pre-orders for DKA and Pac-Man DX open later this month. DKA is expected to ship in July, with Pac-Man DX following it closely in August.


This image is for illustration purposes only. DKA is not expected to use our regular packaging template due to the delicate nature of the IP. 

Repro Boxes Available Soon from Opcode Games

Due to many requests, we are happy to announce that we will start offering ColecoVision “repro” boxes in June. First two boxes are Donkey Kong and Zaxxon, with more to come.

While the boxes will use the same graphic design as the classic Coleco boxes, they are the same heavy cardboard book-style boxes with magnetic closure we use with our Premium line games (and now also Color line games).

Our target price is $10 per box. We will offer 100 boxes of each game, first come first served. Please stay tuned for more info soon.

First repro boxes to be released. Product will be sold as box only.

 Become an Opcode Super Game Club Member!

Here is your chance to become a member of the Super Game Club and enjoy all the exclusive content, such as the Opcode Visions magazine, the membership kit, and the exclusive content in games. In fact, if you join now, you can still reserve your copy of DKA when it finally releases.

Please use the membership button corresponding to your country of residence. Suitable shipping is included in each button.

Become a Club member (US)
Become a Club member (CANADA)
Become a Club member (OTHER COUNTRIES)
Opcode Super Game Club welcome kit and Opcode Visions magazine.

See you soon. Until then, stay safe and healthy!

Opcode Team
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