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BAC Newsletter

May 2016
A message from Paul Fear
Welcome to the May BAC Newsletter.

Over the last few months there have been a number of changes taking place within BAC. The most important of which is the news that Sheila Needham, the current Chief Inspector, will be stepping down as of June this year.
I am very pleased to welcome Diana Morriss who will be the new Chief Inspector and who will take up post at the end of June.
Diana has a long history of working with the further and vocational sector. As well as being a BAC Inspector Diana is also a Lead Inspector and Editor for ISI Education Oversight inspections. She also acts as a consultant working across a range of providers in the profit and not for profit sector in the UK and internationally. Her experience will be an enormous asset to BAC and accredited institutions wherever they are based.
Sheila ‘s tenure as Chief Inspector has spanned more than seven years. During this time, she has seen the introduction of the Tier 4 student visa scheme and witnessed the impact the regime has had on the reputation of British education. She has led the development of the BAC accreditation schemes and the work needed to prepare BAC for full ENQA membership.
Sheila has been a tremendous asset to BAC and I am sure you will join me in thanking her for all her hard work over the years.
The BAC Statistics Report 2016
On Tuesday 3rd May BAC published the BAC Statistics Report 2016. The report is the first of our annual statistics reports and is designed to give an overview of the work of BAC in the independent training, vocational, further and higher education sectors in the UK and internationally.
The report is based on the responses of 206 institutions, representing 87% of BAC accredited institutions, who had a combined student enrolment of 289, 925 students.
More than 40, 000 students were enrolled at overseas institutions. 
Remarkably, more than 140, 000 students were studying through online providers.
The report highlighted the commitment to continuing quality enhancement with 97% of institutions having self-evaluation measures in place.  80% of institutions had, within the preceding twelve months, implemented changes based on the feedback from stakeholders.
Overall, the report begins to give readers an understanding of the importance of the independent sector to the wider economy. The diversity and vibrancy of the independent sector is often unrecognized and underrepresented in public debate and policy making.  We hope that the publication of the report, limited in depth in the first year, will help to begin to inform debate and influence government policy.
Planning is already well under way for the next data collection exercise and I would like to urge all institutions to return their data collection sheets to help to develop a full picture of the sector and to ensure the publication represents as much of the sector as possible.
All accredited institutions will be receiving a hard copy of the report in August 2016 but you can download a PDF copy from here.
Tante Marie and Basil Paterson are celebrating their 31st anniversary with BAC

BAC has been operating since 1984 and our success has been down to the exceptional educational providers who seek our accreditation.  This year, two of our accredited providers are celebrating their 31st anniversary of BAC accreditation. Both Tante Marie Culinary Academy and Basil Patterson College have been with us since 1985. To celebrate their great achievements, we asked them to write about their organisations and why they feel they have been so successful.
Please see links below for articles about Tante marie and Basil Paterson.
Kelly-Marie Thompson attended the 6th ENQA member’s forum in Hungary 

BAC Higher Education Manager Kelly-Marie has recently returned from the 6th ENQA member’s forum in Hungary hosted by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee (HAC).

The European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) is an umbrella organisation which represents quality assurance organisations from the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) member states. The programme included “QA approaches in sub-Saharan Africa”, How to recognise fraud as part of quality assurance processes and “Quality assurance and research”. This forum provided a platform for BAC to network and gain further insights into the current developments within International Higher Education.
BAC has been a full member of ENQA since April 2015.
Kelly-Marie gave a presentation at the UK NARIC seminar focusing on International Partnerships in Education

Kelly-Marie recently gave a talk at UK-Naric’s, “International opportunities in Further Education” event.  Kelly’s talk tilted “Working with HE Providers” gave a snapshot of the current transnational HE educational landscape and detailed a 6 stage framework  that could be used when working with collaborative partnerships both in the UK and Internationally.
BAC signs MoA with CIQG
BAC has signed a Memorandum of Affiliation with the Council for Higher Education Accreditation International Quality Group (CIQG) supporting the CIQG International Quality Principles.
The Quality Principles set out seven broad quality descriptors designed to set international quality benchmarks. This is another step in the development of a common set of principles needed to underpin confidence in international education.
A full description of the CIQC can be found here
BAC hosts a visit by Ikh Zasag International University - Mongolia

BAC hosted a visit, on the 23rd march 2016 by Ikh Zasag International University - Mongolia, accredited by BAC since Nov 2014. 
Supporting Quality Assurance in Kazakhstan

The British Accreditation Agency has delivered an accreditation and inspection workshop on behalf of the Kazakhstan Academy of Public Administration.  Financed by the European Union, the workshop worked with seven delegates in developing good practice in accreditation and inspection of higher education institutions.  The seven delegates will form the nucleus of a new higher accreditation and inspection body in Kazakhstan provisionally entitled the ‘Kazakhstan Independent Accreditation Council.’   The new accreditation body will be launched in January 2017 as part of the ongoing changes to the country’s higher education system.

The workshop was being run over a three-day period starting on the 29th February 2016 and concluding on the 2nd March 2016. The three-day workshop covered theoretical preparation and a half day visit to a college where delegates were able to practice some of the theory learnt earlier in the course.
May 2016 - June 2016

BAC is organising 3 webinars in May that you may find of interest. Please click on the topic to register.

Complaints Procedure
19 May 2016
2pm - 3pm

Rosie Fairfax, Accreditation & Quality Enhancement Manager, will provide some guidance on what a Complaint Policy should cover and how BAC or OIA are incorporated into a provider’s complaint’s system.
Please note that this webinar is suitable only for ODBL and Short Course Providers and Colleges.

Q&A with BAC
20 May 2016
2pm - 2.30pm

This Q&A session will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have to the BAC staff.

Working collaboratively internationally
26 May 2016
2pm - 2.45pm

Kelly Thompson, HE Manager at BAC, will be presenting a 45 minutes webinar for institutions interested in “Working Collaboratively Internationally”. The webinar will be covering the following key areas: 
- Transnational Education and its value to British Economy 
- Working with partners outside of the country 
- A framework for collaborative working 
- Due diligence 
- Good practice

Changes of the Office of Independent Adjucator and how they affect the HE providers
2 June 2016
2pm - 2.30pm
Please note that this webinar is suitable only for HE Providers.

Cost: Free for all BAC accredited institutions; £17 for non BAC accredited institutions.
BAC accredited institutions need to email to ask for their discount code if they have not yet received it.
CVU Seminar
Collaboration Frameworks: Building, Maintaining and Reviewing
London -  Woburn House
17 June 2016 - 10.30-15.45
CVU is offering a discount to BAC accredited institutions for this seminar and the cost of this seminar will be the same for BAC accredited institutions as for CVU members.
More details about the seminar and how to book can be found on the CVU website.
Please mention that you are BAC accredited when making the booking.
The International Summer School for Teens: The School is set up as an exclusive independent summer school for high school students across the world. It aims to provide a genuine international experience and therefore restricts intake from any one country to 10%. The School aims to provide an educational experience that will help prepare students for the International Baccalaureate or GCSE's. However, it also caters for students who wish to improve their sporting performance, especially in golf but also in tennis.
Please visit the ISSFT website for more information.
LITE Regal Education: The Directors' vision is to provide opportunities for young people, mainly from Europe but also from outside of the EU and typically between 16 and 18, to experience one or more subject areas that interest them for subsequent undergraduate study at a prestigious English University - initially Cambridge. The aim is to provide each student with the opportunity to experience engagement in the typical teaching and learning of some first year undergraduate specialist subject study.
Please go to the LITE Regal Education website for more information.


"Ofsted has carried out fewer than half of the number of inspections since September than it did in the same period in 2015, new analysis shows."
(Source: Schools week; 14 April 2016).
For more information please go to the
School's week website.

The Government is launching a consultation on Further education maintenance loans (technical and professional education).
Deadline: 16 June 2016
Please go to the
Government website to view the consultation. 

"UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has announced changes to Tier 4 students visas for non-EU students to take effect from April 6, covering areas such as time limits and progressive routes of study."
(Source: ST Magazine; 22 March 2016)
For more details please go to the
ST magazine website.
"A new research trial will train teachers to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental ill health in pupils and colleagues."
(Source: TES; 26 April 2016).
For more details please go to the TES website.

"The Higher Education Statistics Agency has published a report on the Expenditure of HE providers by activity 2014/15.
Finances of Higher Education Providers 2014/15 shows that UK HE providers (HEPs) had a total expenditure of £31.2 billion in 2014/15. £11.8bn (38.0% of the total) was spent through academic departments. Medicine, dentistry and health departments accounted for 8.7% of total expenditure."
(Source: HESA; 28 April 2016)
For more details please go to the HESA website.

Oxford Royale Academy (ORA), accredited by BAC since 2008, has received in April the Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade. ORA has been accredited by BAC since 2008. They had previously received this award in 2012. Congratulations to them!
"Universities are exploring new set of social media apps aimed at students:
Snapchat, where images disappear seconds after they are viewed. Snapchat is used by 25 per cent of UK smartphone owners. Snpachat is now used for students recruitment.
- WhatsApp channel is used to give students news on jobs and events
- Yik Yak is ruled by its users through up and down voting
- Newer apps: Kik, Peach, Periscope, Anchor and Yeti"
(Source: Times Higher Education; 21 April 2016)
For more information please go to the THE website.

"The number of Vietnamese students abroad is soaring, with Japan and the US in particular claiming a large share of total outbound numbers. This surge, which picked up again most recently in 2013, traces back to around 2006 when the number of Vietnamese students really began to take off."
(Source: ICEF; 20 April 2016)
For more information please visit the the
ICEF Monitor website.

"New research indicates that nearly 2.3 million people travelled abroad for a language course in 2014."
(Source: ICEF Monitor; 12 April 2016).
For more information please go to the
ICEF monitor website.

"Ten of India’s states have so far come out in favour of enabling foreign higher education institutions to operate in the country, but any new policy must ensure that foreign providers have something to offer domestic students."
(Source: The Pie News; 5 April 2016)
For more information please go to the
Pie News website.

"More than half a million Chinese students studied abroad in 2015, but growth in outbound student numbers is slowing, the latest Ministry of Education Statistics show. The annual Blue Book report also revealed that the number of students returning to China after studying abroad is on the rise."
(Source: the Pie News; 29 march 2016)
Please go to the
Pie News website for more information.

"Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari confirmed for the first time that the Central Bank of Nigeria would no longer allow foreign exchange transactions for payments for study abroad
This means that parents who need to acquire foreign funds to support their students abroad must now do so outside of official channels, at a much higher exchange rate, or via foreign currency accounts held abroad."
(Source: ICEF Monitor; 28 March 2016)
For more information please go to the
ICEF monitor website.

"Iranian universities are quickly expanding their international links abroad, particularly in Europe and especially for exchange or joint programmes at the master’s and doctoral levels."
(Source: ICEF monitor; 22 March 2016).
Please go to the
ICEF monitor website.

"Leading international education organisations in the UK and China have developed a statement of principles with the aim of shaping collaboration and quality assurance in transnational education between the two countries."
(Source: The Pie News; 21 March 2016)
Please go to the
Pie News website for more information.


Call for UK institutions to attend a British Council Education Market Update and Networking Evening in Beijing

The British Council would like to invite all UK institutions to attend an Education Market Update and Networking Evening in Beijing. The event is aimed at bringing participating institutions up to date with an overview of China’s education market and current trends. It will provide insights into specific areas of education, with speakers from the British Council and other education experts. The event will conclude with an opportunity to network over drinks and food.
Date: 21 October 2016
Please email for more details.
Investment group in Guangzhou seeks UK education partner for international school

The group wishes to establish a new international school in Guangzhou. The aim is to provide a high quality western curriculum to the 600 students it forecasts to enroll. The students will be between the ages of 6-18 years old.
Deadline: 30 June 2016
For more details please go to the Exporting is Great website.
China - Shenzhen investment company seeks education partner from UK
The company plans to establish two international schools in Qianhai and Longgang District in Shenzhen. The aim is to provide a high quality western curriculum to the 1,000 students it forecasts to enroll. The students will be between the ages of 2-18 years old.
Deadline: 30 June 2016
For more details please go to the Exporting is Great website.
UAE - Opportunity for a UK Further Education College

An educational services group which provides vital strategic and operational infrastructure and services and caters for the learning needs of students from all ages is interested in partnering with a British FE College to offer programmes in:
Engineering, including nuclear engineering
Deadline: 6 June 2016
Please go to the Exporting Is Great website for more details.
China Everbright Bank Seeks UK Partner for Summer School Programme in the UK

This programme is aimed at supporting the children of their customers in participating in overseas summer camps to help them:
- Improve their English language competence
- Gain an understanding of Western culture
- Learn about the financial services industry
Deadline: 15 May 2016
Please email for more details.


Developing Digital Skills for the Next Generation
17 May 2016

Organised by Inside Government

Participants will hear from leaders in the field on how best to teach digital skills, how to work in partnership with the industry and also how to provide digital skills that reflect the needs of the digital economy.
To book and for more information please go to the Inside Government website.
Developing Digital Skills for the Next Generation
17 May 2016

Organised by Inside Government

Participants will hear from leaders in the field on how best to teach digital skills, how to work in partnership with the industry and also how to provide digital skills that reflect the needs of the digital economy.
To book and for more information please go to the Inside Government website.
Leadership Forum in Higher Education: Employability for Tomorrow. Human Capital for the Future
23-24 May 2016
Warsaw, Poland
Organised by the Leadership Forum in Higher Education 
The conference will explore the role of internationalisation in developing stronger employability skills of graduates. Discuss practical, globally-used solutions in preparing higher education institutions to work with the local and global labour market toward employment of domestic and international students.

Please go to the Leadership Forum website for more information.
2016 BMI Fairs & Workshops
September 2016
(For international students recruitments)

The fairs and workshops will be held in Brazil.
For more information please go to the BMI website.
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