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February 2016
A message from Paul Fear
It’s always good to see the end of January, in the Northern hemisphere at least.  The start of February holds out the promise of Spring and warmer weather. If you are working in education, it also marks the start of preparations for the summer and the 2016/2017 academic year.

If you are based in the UK preparations are going to be overshadowed by the EU referendum.

At the time of writing David Cameron and Donald Tusk are locked in negotiations. Assuming the negotiations are successful the Prime Minister is expected to schedule a referendum for June. Although the most recent polls suggest a majority of voters favour staying in the EU the inevitable increase in uncertainty surrounding a possible ‘Brexit’ is likely to have an impact on international student perceptions of the UK and therefore student recruitment and of course, investment spending by institutions.

The effect of the referendum on student perceptions might not be necessarily negative. Once a referendum is called the debate will receive an enormous amount of international attention. If there is a great deal of discussion about immigration issues, then the negative message that has been created by the general immigration debate will be reinforced. On the other hand, an intelligent debate followed by a Yes vote might actually improve the image of the UK as a great place for international student to study; just think of how the Scottish referendum attracted more tourists into the country.

Investment spending has, according to the newspapers, already been affected with business and institutions waiting until the uncertainty caused by the uncertainty is resolved before opening their wallets or signing partnership agreements.

Whilst it is very difficult to predict exactly what will happen if the UK did leave the EU there is no getting around the fact that the UK is still seen as one of the premier destinations for international students and as a target destination for institutions seeking partnership opportunities. This won’t change in the short term but planning for the long term is going to be difficult until the dust set
BAC Survey: Services offered to BAC accredited institutions
The British accreditation Council submitted a survey to its accredited institutions in December 2015.
Among the ones who responded 81.6% were from UK based institutions and 18.4% from overseas institutions.
42.7% were Short Course Providers, 33.3% from colleges, 5.3% were Online, Distance and Blending Learning providers, 12% from International Centers and 22.7% from Independent Higher Education Institutions.
We have identified a number of issues that institutions would like to be addressed. Most of the areas that required guidance were related to accreditation, visas, policies & procedures, staff training/employment/evaluation overseas development and quality assurance. A minority  of the respondents were also interested in having information on Partnerships, rules & regulations. Finally a very small minority also required training in Marketing, QAA, blending learning, scholarship activity, Post-Graduate education, general updates and funding advice.
It was noted that 75% were looking for international collaboration; 49,33% were seeking partnerships in the UK and 63.01% were seeking partnerships overseas.

The full report of the survey can be viewed here.

* There were 76 respondents to this survey and the same institution could have more than one respondents.
BAC Webinars
February 2016 - March 2016

BAC held its first webinar on 29 January 2016 on Managing Short Term Study Visas. The feedback for this webinar was very positive and attendees found it very useful. BAC accredited institutions can view the recording of this webinar by logging into the Provider Gateway of the BAC website. They can also email to ask for the link to this webinar. 

BAC is hosting 4 more webinars in February and March.

2pm - 3.15pm

Webinar “Overview of BAC activities and its strategy”

Free for all

2pm - 3.15pm

Webinar on achieving UK BAC Accreditation
Free for all


Webinar on achieving BAC International Accreditation
Free for all

2pm - 3.30pm

Webinar on Child protection – Procedures and practice

Cost: BAC accredited institutions: FREE; non BAC accredited institutions: £17.00


"English universities will be forced to disclose the proportion of ethnic minority applicants that get places as part of a drive against discrimination."
(Source: BBC; 31 January 2016). Please read more on the BBC website.

"Ofqual has published new accreditation table. "The new table shows clearly which qualifications being reformed for first teaching in September 2016 have been accredited and where others are in the system."
(Source: Ofqual; 29 January 2016). For more information please go to the Government website.

"The skills funding agency has published the funding rules, funding rates and formula for 2016 to 2017. They are inviting all colleges and other training organisations to review the rules and share feedback with us. From Monday 1 February to Friday 12 February.They are hosting an online forum on feconnect where they will be taking and answering questions on the Funding Rules."
(Source: the skills funding agency; 28 January 2016). For further information please go to the Government website

"Ofsted’s Chief Inspector today gave his full support to school and college leaders who decide to take a stand against the inappropriate wearing of the veil." (Source: Ofsted; 26 January 2016). Fore more information please go to the Government website.
“A new law would see apprenticeship providers and staff from colleges visit schools as part of careers advice from early secondary school, to talk to pupils about the opportunities open to them through apprenticeships or other routes."
(Source: FE week; 25 January 2016). Please read more from the FE week website.

A new website called "Educate against hate" has been launched. "It gives parents and teachers advice on protecting children from extremism, as part of a raft of new government measures aimed at keeping children safe from "the spell of twisted ideologies".
"There will be an escalation of Ofsted's investigations into unregistered, illegal schools, and tougher action to prosecute these schools. This will include giving the watchdog more resources to carry out inquiries, according to the Department for Education. (DfE)."
(Source: TES; 19 January 2016).
CIPD and Home Learning College have launched a new online L&D hub. The platform will feature exclusive live online events and contributions from L&D specialist.
(Source: Training Journal, 27 January 2016).
For more information please go to the Training Journal website

The Elearning industry website provides suggestions on ways to use gamification for courses for Online Training Providers.
"- Challenge learners by using multiple variables in each question so that they have to weigh up options and make tradeoffs. 
- Keep score and track results with meaningful values.  
- Unlock new levels when sections are complete. Like in a game, consider locking levels or chapters in the online training so that levels only open up when the learner has successfully completed a number of set tasks."
(Source: Elearning Industry; 26 January 2016). Please read more on the Elearning industry website.
"Two new resources have been launched to help provide personalised programmes for all learners, supporting their progression on to Apprenticeships, employment or higher level study.
The materials, an e-guide and a self-assessment tool, were unveiled at the Modelling 16-19 Study Programmes across the FE & Skills Providers conference in London."
(Source: FE News; 21 January 2016). For further details please go to the FE News website.

The Education Funding Agency will maintain the base rate of funding for full- and part-time students in 2016-17.
(Source: TES; 14 January 2016). For further details please go to the TES website.
Large college groups could be subjected to multiple inspections for the first time under new plans being considered by Ofsted to monitor FE provision in the aftermath of the area reviews.
(Source: TES; 8 January 2016). For further information please go to the TES website.
"Experts predict that the lifting of sanctions on Iran is likely to lead to a “gradual opening” of its higher education sector, but collaborations with neighboring Gulf nations will be limited, writes Ellie Bothwell for Times Higher Education."
(Source: University World News; 30 January 2016). For further details please go to the University World News website.

"There are 4.5m international students globally, up from 2m in 2000, and that is expected to swell to 7m-8m by 2025.Some places that have not traditionally hosted many foreign students are trying to grab market share. Japan has a goal of 300,000 foreign students by 2020, 60% more than now; Malaysia, of almost doubling numbers to 250,000 by 2025.
Anglophone countries take the biggest share and America leads, with 975,000 foreign students in 2014-15."
(Source: the economist; 29 January 2016). Please
The Economist website.

"Research clearly demonstrates that employability and graduate employment outcomes are key considerations for prospective international students in choosing both a destination country and an overseas institution.
An expanding field of graduate outcome data now available in many destination countries represents a potential new source of competitive advantage in international student recruiting."
(Source: ICEF monitor; 27 January 2016).  Please go to the 
ICEF monitor website for more information.

"The number of Nepali students opting for foreign degrees has been increasing every year, and today they are among the 10 largest populations of foreign students in Australia, Japan, India and New Zealand.
The British Council estimates the country will be among the 10 fastest growing markets in the 18-22-year-old age bracket for the next nine years." (Source: the Kathmandupost; 15 January 2016).

Six universities around the world are developing a MOOC credit transfer system that would enable students to gain credit towards their degrees from online courses at other institutions. The initiative, spearheaded by Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, also includes EPFL in Switzerland, the Australian National University, the University of Queensland, the University of British Columbia and Boston University, and is set to begin with a pilot programme later this year. The aim of the project is to enable students to gain credit for MOOCs taken at any of the institutions involved to count towards a qualification at their home university.
(Source: The pie news; 25 January 2016). Please read more on the Pie News website.

"According to two recent surveys of prospective college students and admissions officers in the US, the mots influential channels for recruiting students are the most established ones:  including print brochures, email, and institutional websites, remain some of the most effective means of reaching students. Whereas social media channels were seen as less important by students."
(Source: ICEF Monitor; 8 January 2016). Please go to the
ICEF monitor website for more details.
This month David Gutmann talks about teaching. His article "From Good to Outstanding – How to improve the quality of teaching". His article is aimed at inspectors, teachers and managers to enable them to reflect on differences between ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’/‘excellent’ lessons/teaching and learning. It will help to clarify how the lesson observation process can be managed, leading to improvements in the QA process.
Please go to the
BAC website to read the full article.


Call for bids to deliver vocational education consultancy services in China
The British Council is inviting UK institutions and individuals to bid for the delivery of consultancy services to support the development of vocational education in China’s Guangdong province.
Deadline: 10 February 2016
For further details please go to the British Council website.
China - Holding Group seeks cooperation with Education & Training Institutes.

A Chinese multi-investment holding group with a private equity portfolio seeks partnerships with British education and training institutes.
Deadline: 10/04/2016
For more information please go to the Exporting is Great Website.

China - Education Institute seeks a partner to host training programme
This Chinese educational institute is specialised in mechanical and electrical engineering. 
Deadline: 15/02/2016
For more information please go to the Exporting Is Great website.
China - Education Holding Group seeks British University & college Partners

A multi-investment holding group seeks cooperation with universities and colleges to form visiting student programmes for Chinese students.
To find out moe please go to the Exporting Is Great website.


First Steps into International Markets
Monday 22 February

BIS Conference Centre, 1 Victoria St, London

During this one day conference sector experts (from AoC, British Council, FPP, Learning Impact, NK Education, SAE Institute, Study UK, TVET UK, UKCISA, UK Trade & Investment London) will present all of the basic knowledge required to develop an international strategy for your institution and the confidence to take the first steps to market.

Please go to the Study UK website for more details.

Introduction to Student Visas and Compliance Systems
Tuesday 1 March

The Studio, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham

This event will provide you with an overview of the UK policy and regulatory environment for international education that you will need to understand if you are preparing for your first interactions with the UK student visa system.

Please go to the Study UK website for more information.

International Higher Education Forum 2016
Tuesday 1 March 2016
Olympia Conference Centre, Hammersmith Rd, London W14 8UX 

The International Higher Education Forum will provide insights into the latest developments, trends and opportunities for universities– all through its access to the some of the most experienced professionals in the sector, government and partner organisations, and to senior representatives from a wide range of countries of interest to UK higher education institutions. 
Please go to the the UK Universities website for more information.

2016 BMI Fairs & Workshops
(February- March 2016)
(For international students recruitments)

The fairs and workshops will be held in in Brazil (February- March 2016); Asia (April 2016); Latin America (April 2016) and Middle East (April 2016).
Click here to download the full schedule.
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