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September 2016
A message from Paul Fear,
If you have been away for August you won’t have missed a great deal in terms of developments in the education sector.  On the other hand, the last week has been increasingly busy as politicians have returned from their holidays and the machinery of government has begun to crank back into gear.
The Higher Education White Paper (Success as a Knowledge Economy) setting out reforms to the English higher education sector, is now in the final stages of making its way through parliament.  Given cross party support for the reforms set out in the bill it seems likely that it will be implemented with few meaningful changes to the current proposals.
The proposals include the lowering of barriers to entry for new higher education institutions, the creation of the Office for Students which will have a specific emphasis on promoting competition and promoting student choice and fundamental reform to the quality assurance regime that was in force until a few months ago.
The other significant change is the introduction of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) which will judge the quality of teaching in higher education institutions.  The real carrot for participating in the TEF is the potential for institutions to raise fees.  How this will impact on the private education sector is unclear although it would seem likely that if the TEF is successful there will be pressure on private providers to participate as well.  However, there are rumbles amongst from some Russell Group universities suggesting some may choose not to participate.  How this would impact on the effectiveness of the TEF to improve standards and provide greater transparency for students remains to be seen.
With so many changes coming through the system there is bound to be some uncertainty and teething problems as the new systems settle in.
Moving away from the higher education scene we are beginning to see increasing numbers of institutions moving towards professional and short course provision.  Tier 4 providers are finding it increasingly time consuming and expensive to maintain Tier 4 compliance and are beginning to develop alternative forms of provision.  Increasing use of distance learning, for example, leavened with face to face teaching is becoming increasingly popular.  This approach reflects the increasing use of the Short Term Study Visa within the sector.
Alongside this we are seeing more ‘in country’ delivery where trainers and lecturers fly in to deliver specific courses or elements of courses.  This avoids the issues and costs for students having to obtain visas to travel to the UK.
We will be doing our best to keep you up to date on key developments through our newsletters and webinars (free for accredited institutions).
We welcome any comments or ideas for our newsletters and webinars so don’t hesitate to get in touch.
The BAC and the FAA of Malaysia have signed a Memorandum of Collaboration
The British Accreditation Council and the Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA), Malaysia’s independent quality and assurance body for the higher education sector, have signed a Memorandum of Collaboration (MoC) which seeks to elevate the quality and standards of learning through joint accreditation.
Through this collaboration, FAA will accredit finance-related learning programmes while BAC will oversee the accreditation of educational institutions. Furthermore, this partnership will see FAA and BAC jointly working to develop standards and quality systems, conduct R&D in quality assurance and learning and development, share best practices as well as conduct joint workshops and industry dialogues. 
Read more.
Paul Fear (BAC) and Dr. Amat (FAA) sign Memorandum of Collaboration.
BAC Webinars
September 2016

BAC is organising 3 webinars in September that you may find of interest. Please click on the topic to register.

08 September 2016
2pm – 2.45pm

Student Engagement

23 September 2016
2pm – 2.30pm

Q&A with BAC
This Q&A session will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have to the BAC staff.

29 September 2016
2pm – 3pm

Child Protection – Procedures & Practice
This webinar is designed to bring institutions up to date with current legislation on Child Protection.

Cost: Free for all BAC accredited institutions; £60 for non BAC accredited institutions.
BAC accredited institutions need to email to ask for their discount code if they have not yet received it.


OFQUAL published on 25 August 2016 a guide to GCSE results, Summer 2016.
Please go to the Government website to view it.

The SFA published new guidance on 23 August 2016: Register of training organisations.
Please go to the Government website to view it.

OFQUAL published on 18 August 2016 a guide to AS and A level results, Summer 2016. To view it please go to the Government website.

OFQUAL has launched a new consultation: Entry level qualifications: removing unnecessary regulations. To view the document please go to the OFQUAL website.

The SFA has published a new guide: SFA funding allocations and performance management for providers.
Please go to the Government website to view the document.
"Over half of this year's university applicants picked their sixth form subjects without considering their future prospects, suggests a poll.
The consumer group "Which?"says teenagers need better guidance on subject choice."
(Source: BBC: 25 August 2016)
For more information please go to the
BBC website.

"The number of students from European Union countries applying to British universities has jumped by 11 per cent - the highest number on record."
(Source: the telegraph; 19 August 2016)
For more information please go to the
 Telegraph website.

"Just over half of young people are reconsidering applying to university in the wake of the recent scrapping of maintenance grants, a new survey has found."
(Source: Independent; 15 August 2016)
Please go to the
Independent website for more information.

"Four out of five UK higher education institutions involved in transnational education – in the forms of international branch campuses, online provision, dual degrees and joint programmes – intend to grow operations over the next three years, according to an extensive survey."
(Source: The Pie News; 10 August 2016)
Please go to the
Pie News website for more information.

The results of this year’s National Student Survey show a high level of satisfaction among students studying at UK higher education institutions (HEIs), further education colleges (FECs) and alternative providers, with 86 per cent saying they are satisfied overall with their course.
(Source: HEFCE; 8 August 2016)
For more information please go to the
HEFCE website.
"Employability is both a major motivation for study abroad as well as a significant factor in selecting an institution or school."
(Source: ICEF Monitor; 31 August 2016)
For more details please go to the
ICEF monitor website.

"An international survey of higher education marketers Digital Marketing Trends in Higher Education 2016 finds that digital channels are a high priority for three-quarters of respondents, and that nearly half expect their digital marketing spend to increase this year
The major channels emphasised by recruiters are design and optimisation of institutional websites, social media, and email marketing."
(Source: ICEF Monitor; 30 August 2016)
Please go to the
ICEF monitor website for more information.

"The government of Malaysia with private-sector partners, has set up two education zones as sites for international branch campuses, and there are now 11 foreign branch campuses in the country from the UK, Australia, India, the Netherlands, and China."
Malaysia aims to aims to host 250,000 foreign students by 2025. In 2014, Malaysian institutions enrolled 135,500 international students, with most coming from Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Nigeria, India, and Pakistan."
(Source: ICEF Monitor; 22 August 2016)
For more information please go to the
ICEF Monitor website.

"The Chinese Government has published a new document entitled Guidelines on Works in Opening Up the Education Sector in the New Era. It lays out the government’s intentions to strengthen China’s image as an attractive study destination, boost the quality of international education provision, and encourage partnerships with foreign education institutions and enterprise."
(Source: the Pie News; 19 August 2016)
For more information please go to the
Pie News website.

Twelve student unions across the globe have signed a declaration to promote collaboration and a set of shared values including access to tertiary education and academic freedom as the first step in creating a global student movement.
(Source: The Pie News; 15 August 2016)
For more information please go to the
Pie News website.

"The Vietnamese government has removed certification requirements for education agents.
The main change for international educators will be that they should expect to receive more solicitations from new education agents in Vietnam."
(Source: ICEF Monitor; 5 August 2016)
For more information please go to the
ICEF Monitor website.

"A new policy has been announced in India which will allow Indian educational institutions to collaborate with those outside the country for the first time, with the Indian authorities acknowledging time spent abroad on students’ degree certificates."
(Source: The Pie News; 2 August 2016)
For more information please go to the
Pie News website.



The company is interested in a range of different training for its staff, including the below. It is not necessary to be able to provide all of these services and expressions of interest in specific disciplines are welcome.

- Mentoring 
- New trends in corporate education, to stay ahead of the game 
- Training for operational personal 
- How to inspire workers and encourage new ideas 
- Soft skills

Deadline: 23 September 2016
For more information please go to the Exporting Is Great website.
A local organisation with diversified interests including ownership of a medical university in the UAE is interested in setting up a Institution/College in Dubai offering UK certified courses in hospitality, logistics, retail, food hygiene, processing and safety, event management and beauty related courses e.g. hygiene for salons etc.
Deadline: 15 October 2016

For more information please go to the Exporting is Great website.
A local college in West China seeks UK colleges for future cooperation in exchanges, training programmes, teachers training, etc.

Deadline: 31 December 2016
For more information please go to the
Exporting Is Great website.


Shape of global TNE: international engagement opportunities
Organised by the British Council
13 September 2016

This workshop will present the latest analysis of future global opportunities in the TNE and discuss the policy landscape of several countries.
Please go to the British Council website for more information and to book.
New Forms of Funding: From Grants to Loans
Organised by the Higher Education Funding Council for England
14 September 2016
New Forms of Funding looks at a range of emerging forms of investment funding relevant to local anchor institutions such as combined/local authorities, universities, NHS organisations etc.  
Please click here for more information and to book.
What does the new Government mean for Higher and Further Education?
Organised by Policy Exchange
15 September 2016

Please go to the Policy Exchange website for more information.
Weathering the Brexit Storm: University finances in uncertain times
Organised by WONKE HE
16 September 2016

The event will be of use to everyone with an interest in the finances of higher education, inlcuding: university Finance Directors and their colleagues; professionals working across roles in planning, strategy, communications, external affairs and policy; private sector staff with an interest in universities.
Please go to the WONKHE website for more information and to book.
2016 BMI Fairs & Workshops
September 2016 - October 2016
(For international students recruitment)

September 10th to 20th 2016
Brazil – Salao do Estudante & Brazil Higher Education fairs – 6

September 25th to 28th 2016
The United Kingdom – Campus Global UK

September 26th to October 9th 2016
Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama - EXPO-Estudiante

October 1st to 9th 2016
India – Campus Global India

For more information please go to the BMI website.
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