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August 2016
A message from Paul Fear,
Welcome to this month’s newsletter.
August is normally considered the quiet season although I think it would be safe to say that after the excitement of June and July everyone could do with a slower pace for a month or so. The referendum result is still casting a pall over the education and training sector, the direction on student visas is not yet clear and guidance is unlikely to materialize until parliamentary business gets underway again later in the year.
There is some good news in that the fall in the value of the pound has seen a significant increase in tourist numbers. In the longer term it seems likely that the fall in the value of the pound will lead to an increase in demand for UK education and training. Some grounds then for cautious optimism.
BAC will shortly be signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA) in Malaysia. The FAA has developed expertise in the accreditation of finance related courses and has a particular specialism in Islamic finance. By working together BAC and the FAA will be able to offer program and institution accreditation for a wide range of professional and academic providers.  Ultimately this should lead to improved outcomes for students. The official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding is on the 22nd August. For any BAC institutions interested in developing finance related programs, more information will be published following the official signing.
August is also the month when BAC invoices for the 2016/2017 accreditation fees. There is a 2.5% discount available for prompt payment so please do keep an eye out for the invoice. We are also putting together the webinars program for Autumn. As a reminder, if you do want a particular subject covered please do let us know. 
Finally, we will be welcoming the arrival of BAC’s first Deputy CEO, Alexandra Carr.  Alex, will be taking over much of the day to day running of BAC. She will have quite a lot on her plate as we continue to develop the BAC range of activities and engagement with providers and regulatory bodies. 
On a final note, thank you to all of you who have returned the annual survey.  We hope this year’s analysis will allow us to produce a more in-depth and comprehensive report which will reflect the vibrancy and importance of the TVET and higher education sector. 
Enjoy the rest of your summer!
BAC Webinars
June 2016

BAC is organising 5 webinars in September & October that you may find of interest. Please click on the topic to register.

2pm – 2.45pm

Student Engagement

2pm – 2.30pm

Q&A with BAC
This Q&A session will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have to the BAC staff.

2pm – 3pm

Child Protection – Procedures & Practice
This webinar is designed to bring institutions up to date with current legislation on Child Protection.

2pm – 3.15pm

Managing Short Term Study Visas
The webinar will go through the STSV system in detail and will also include the common mistakes that institutions might make when offering the STSV.

2pm – 2.30pm

HE & IC – Interpreting BAC standards
This webinar is for any educational or training provider based outside of the UK who are looking to gain BAC accreditation.

Cost: Free for all BAC accredited institutions; £60 for non BAC accredited institutions.
BAC accredited institutions need to email to ask for their discount code if they have not yet received it.


Christian Revival Church Bible School: the Bible School runs two internal, sequential courses; year one and year two in Bible study related to Christian service.
For more information please go to the CRC Bible School website.
Westfield College:   Courses on offer range from 1 Day sessions and workshops to full 24-week level 3 diplomas in Business Management, Administration, Customer Service and Clinical Biostatistics. Most courses and sessions are either accredited or endorsed by Training Qualifications UK (TQUK).
For more information please go to the Westfield college website.
The Iver Academy: The Academy offers four main full-time courses which are delivered in cumulative modular format. There is a Beginners' Certificate in Make-up and Hair Artistry which last for 12 weeks. A Foundation Certificate in Make-up and Hair Artistry takes a further two weeks. A 24-week Intermediate Certificate in Make-up and Hair Artistry takes a further ten weeks, and finally the Advanced Certificate in Make-up and Hair Artistry takes a total of 30 weeks. The Academy also offers short courses in Fashion & Beauty Make-up & Hair Artistry, Advanced Hair Artistry and Further Prosthetics, and regularly runs two-day 'taster courses' and open days.
For more information please go to the Iver Academy website.
College of Law, Qatar University: The College offers an undergraduate Bachelor of Laws programme (LL.B), that includes both core and elective courses. The College has also introduced two Masters level courses in Private and Public Law. At undergraduate level the College has introduced experiential legal studies to complement its academic courses, recognising that it will be beneficial for graduates to possess a range of lawyerly skills when leaving the university.
For more information please go to the Qatar University website.
Cambridge Training College:  Most training offered by CTC is in the way of short courses with the longest programme running for 13 weeks. Training courses are offered in a variety of programmes mainly from the ‘business studies’ area.
For more information please go to the Cambridge Training College Britain website.


"The government has just completed a “call for evidence” to find out how much demand there is from students to switch between universities and courses, and whether more could be done to make such flip-flopping easier.
The call for evidence states: “Students who are concerned they are not receiving value for money may decide ultimately to switch to a provider that better fits their needs.” "
(Source: The Guardian; 26 July 2016)
Please go to the
Guardian website for more information.

The SFA has published documents to help schools, colleges and training providers (LRBs) to produce and upload batch files and deal with exceptions.
To view the guidance please go to the
Government website.

The Department for Education (DfE) will take over responsibility for FE, skills and higher education.
(Source: FE week; 14 July 2016)
For more details please go to the
FE week website.

The DFE published a guidance: Standard for teachers’professional development. (July 2016)
Please click
here to read the guidance.

Prevent counter-extremism strategy: "Ofsted inspectors warned of a lack of safeguards for internet use and found examples where students had been able to "bypass" online security settings to visit websites selling firearms or promoting terrorist ideology".
(Source: BBC; 12 July 2016)
Please go to the
BBC website for more information.

The SFA has published some guidance on how to prepare colleges' annual financial statements.
(Source: SFA; 11 July 2016)
Please go to the
Government website to view the guidance.

OFQUAL has published final decisions that will make challenging GCSE, AS and A level results in England clearer, more consistent and fairer.
(Source: OFQUAL; 8 July 2016)
For more information please go to the
Government website.

"The government has launched on 6 July 2016 a consultation on insolvency arrangements for general FE and sixth form colleges — which includes plans for a special administration regime (SAR) that would help protect the interests of learners."
(Source: FE week; 6 July 2016)
For more information please go to the
FE week website.
"A newly released study from HEGlobal, a joint initiative between the UK HE International Unit and the British Council, finds that the number of international students enrolled in British TNE programmes increased by 13% between 2013/14 and 2014/15. Moreover, four in five higher education institutions in the UK plan to further expand their TNE provision over the next three years."
(Source: ICEF; 25 July 2016)
Please go to the
ICEF Monitor website for more information.

"A new study, published in the August issue of the Journal of Business Research, finds that education marketers should increase their focus on student satisfaction as a means of strengthening educational brands and recruitment."
"One of the central points of the study is that a greater emphasis on driving student satisfaction can lead institutions to improve retention of current students, engagement of alumni, the perception and reputation of the educational brand, and – as a result of all of these – the effectiveness of ongoing recruitment efforts."
(Source: ICEF; 27 July 2016)
For more information please go to the
ICEF Monitor website.
Colleges should be careful not to pay their leaders excessive salaries or spend too much money on severance packages for those who leave after the area reviews, according to leaked government guidance called "Implementation Guidance for post-16 Area Review for governors".
(Source: TES; 26 July 2016)
For more information please go to the the
TES website.

Edudemic listed the most popular Augmented Reality applications that are used in the classroom:

Anatomy 4D
- inMediaStudio
(Source: Edudemic; 26 July 2016)
Please go to the
Edudemic website for more details.

College reports published by the education standards’ watchdog Ofsted for February to April 2016 reveal almost three quarters (71 per cent) of colleges that achieved a ‘Good’ grade were shown to have good self-assessment and improvement planning in place.
Leaders, managers and staff at achieving colleges were also shown to have a strong understanding of the need to have good processes in place to control and oversee the delivery of quality assurance programmes campus-wide.
(Source: 21 July 2016; Training Journal).
For more information please go to the
Training Journal website.

E learning Industry has listed the best mind mapping tools for creative students:
- Sketchboard 
(Source: E leanring Industy, 15 July 2016)
For more details please go to the
E Learning Industry website.

"India’s University Grants Commission (UGC) announced new regulations on 22 June 2016, since formally published on 13 July 2016, that aim to open up additional links between Indian and foreign universities with the goal to “offer students additional choices, improve curriculum and the delivery of knowledge and educational content.
Under the new regulations, Indian universities will now be permitted to apply to the UGC to establish partnerships with foreign institutions."
(Source: ICEF Monitor; 26 July 2016)
For more information please go to the
ICEF monitor website.

Educational institutions in Vietnam have been directed to implement English as a second language on campus, it has been announced, which could increase student mobility and international collaborations with the country.
(Source: The Pie News; 26 July 2016)
Please go to the
Pie News website for more information.

"A new study from QS, What Matters to International Students?, provides some interesting new insights on the types of information and information sources that students value most in decision making for study abroad.
The main factor was employability. Other motivational factors included: Quality of teaching, specialisation, personal networks and soft skills."
(Source: ICEF Monitor, 19 July 2016)
For more information please go to the
ICEF monitor website.


Opportunity for academic and strategic partnership with premier Indian educational institute
A premier management institute is looking to have a joint venture with a reputed UK-based business school which will promote education, research and development by offering more specialized and flexible course options and research facilities through faculty and student exchanges.
Deadline: 26/08/2016
For more information please go to the
ExportingIsGreat website.
NHG is looking for a UK University to partner with in order to establish a collaboration between the two organisations in Vietnam.

In order to respond to future developments, NHG is looking for suitable UK universities/ institutions to collaborate. The partnership can be one of the listed below:

- Establish a British University Campus in Vietnam
- Establish a link between the two faculties/ universities

Deadline: 31/08/2016
For more information please go to the
ExportingIsGreat website.

Russia - Education agent looking for partnering with British universities, colleges and schools

A leading education agent based in Ekaterinburg, Russia, is looking to expand its network of partners in the UK and establish relations with British universities, colleges and schools.
Deadline: 31 October 2016
For more information please go to the Exporting is Great website.


Next steps for alternative provision and exclusions: best practice, quality and progression
Organised by the Westminster Education Forum
16 September 2016
For more details and to book please go to the Westminster Education Forum website.
CVU Annual Conference 2016
University Partnerships in a Changing World

22 - 23 September 2016
For more details and to book please go to the CVU website.
2016 BMI Fairs & Workshops
September 2016 - October 2016
(For international students recruitment)

September 10th to 20th 2016
Brazil – Salao do Estudante & Brazil Higher Education fairs – 6

September 25th to 28th 2016
The United Kingdom – Campus Global UK

September 26th to October 9th 2016
Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama - EXPO-Estudiante

October 1st to 9th 2016
India – Campus Global India

For more information please go to the BMI website.
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