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Thursday, July 26th, 2018
Ravishing Radishes add a splash of color to the root family
and SFMA Markets!

What's New at Ballard, Wallingford, & Madrona? 

Specialty potatoes from Olson Farms just hit the shelf. Come and grab a bag of the most versatile starch during your next trip to the market!
50% plum, 50% apricot, 100% delicious. Plouts are now available from Collins Family Orchard and as juicy as ever! 
Carnivorous plants from Plants from Mars protect your garden from pesky summer bugs!
Geometric, photogenic, and great to snack on: it tastes as good as it looks! Romanesco is now available from both Kirsop Farm and River Run Farm
It's Alive! Soil Health in Your Backyard

Here are a few tips from Tilth Alliance. Composting at home reduces waste, adds nutrients back to the soil, and grows better tomatoes! 

Make Compost at Home

Leaves, chopped stalks, flowers, and grass all make great compost in a pile or bin - just add water, keep it moist, and wait six months! Vegetable kitchen scraps also make good compost but should be composted in a worm bin or other rodent resistant container to prevent pest problems

Mulch it

Mulch is a layer of organic material like leaves, wood chips, compost, or grass clippings that you spread in spring or fall around your plants. Mulch conserves water, prevents weeds, and feeds the soil for healthier plants


By making simple changes in how we care for our soil we can save money, protect the environment, conserve water, grow healthy plants!!!
#regram of the week from @cath.landers. We LOLed at this stone fruit snapshot. 
Ballard Farmers Market
Visit the Ballard Farmers Market year-round, 10am-3pm 
located on 22nd Ave NW & NW Market St.
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Wallingford Farmers Market
Visit the Wallingford Farmers market May - Sept. from 3-7pm
located at the corner of Meridian Avenue N & N 50th Street
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Madrona Farmers Market 
Visit the Madrona Farmers Market May - Oct. from 3-7pm
located at the corner of MLK, Jr. Way & E. Union St.
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