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Zen Cho
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My short story Monkey King, Faerie Queen is now online at Kaleidotrope! It's about that one time the Monkey God went to Fairyland and busted stuff up. Here's how it starts:

Now to be fair, Sun Wukong was already in a bad mood when he arrived at the Faerie Court.

You don't know who Sun Wukong is? You're kidding! You haven't heard of the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, the one who is Mindful of Emptiness, the Exquisite and Most Satisfactory Prince of Monkeys, defier of gods and Buddhas alike, scorner of other people's dignity and personal inspiration to little monkeys everywhere?

You can read the rest online and/or download a mobi or epub for your ereader here.

This is the first email I've ever sent out on this list. Thank you for being here for it! If you follow my blog or Twitter, you'll know that this is really more olds than news -- but I plan to improve vastly in future, and will actually send emails out at the time things happen! Lots of exciting news coming up: I've been editing an anthology called Cyberpunk: Malaysia and we'll be announcing the Table of Contents soon, plus there are cover reveals to come. In the meantime, if you would like to:
  • Find out more about the visual world of my upcoming novel Sorcerer to the Crown -- check out the Pinterest board.
  • Read about my short story collection Spirits Abroad -- see my conversation with fellow Crawford winners Stephanie Feldman and Sofia Samatar at Electric Lit, Strange Horizons' review of the collection, or my interview with The Star's Sharmilla Ganesan.
  • Read snippets I and other authors cruelly excised from our stories -- keep an eye on our group blog, a surreal collage project called Where Ghost Words Dwell.
Text © 2015 Zen Cho. Image: detail from We Are Forests © Likhain 2015. All rights reserved.

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