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About Us:

Pacific Housing Research Network facilitates multi-sectoral research, focused on housing affordability and sustainability. and fosters dialogue and collaboration among housing stakeholders across B.C., to encourage the effective application of research results to housing solutions. 
Profiled Housing Research:

 In November of 2014 BC Non-Profit Housing

Association, in partnership with VanCity credit

union, released the Rental Housing Index

(RHI). The RHI is an interactive map that

explores the affordability and supply of rental

housing in nearly 100 communities in BC. The

Index uses five main income and supply

indicators, each of which are measured

through income quartiles and bedroom size to

give a nuanced picture of the rental housing

market across BC. A custom dataset from the

2011 Census was used to create the project,

making it a useful tool for housing planners,

non-profit housing developers and all levels of

government the information they need to plan

for the future of rental housing in BC. In 2015,

the RHI will be updated with non-profit,

demographic, and neighbourhood data. If you

would like to obtain a copy of the RHI’s custom

dataset for research purposes, please contact

James Roy, Senior Policy Analyst at


Building Excellence Research &

Educations Grants Program: The Homeowner Protection Office is inviting education providers, independent

researchers as well as industry and consumer organizations to submit their research proposals for its  Building Excellence Research & Education Grants program. It’s an opportunity to apply for up to $40,000 in funding for projects that improve the quality of residential construction and enhance consumer protection for buyers of new homes in British Columbia.

You can find more information about the program on the Building Excellence Research & Education Grants webpage at, including a step-by-step guide and the application form. The deadline to apply for a Building Excellence Research & Education Grant is 4:00 pm on March 16, 2015. The HPO encourages you to apply early as applications will be reviewed upon submission and funding decisions made throughout the application period.

If you have questions about the program or the application process you can contact the HPO toll free at 1-844-648-6400 or email us at

2014 Canadian Housing Observer:

The annual Canadian Housing Observer report examines the state of Canada's housing from a variety of perspectives, combining national coverage with provincial/territorial and metropolitan detail. The 2014 report has a feature article on housing affordability and need, and chapters on demographic influences on housing demand, housing markets, housing finance, sustainable housing, and newcomers’ housing.The chapter on sustainability housing discusses the key performance results from the monitoring of the houses built under CMHC’s Equilibrium™ Sustainable Housing Demonstration Initiative. The Observer report is complemented by a substantial collection of online data. Read more about the Observer and its previous editions here.

National Housing Research Committee 2014 Fall Annual Meeting Webcasts: Since 1986, the National Housing Research Committee (NHRC) has brought together representative from all levels of government, social housing organizations and the housing industry to identify priority areas for housing-related research or demonstration; encourage greater cooperation, develop partnerships and minimize overlap in research activities; encourage support for housing research; and promote dissemination, application and adoption of research results. The Fall 2014 Working Sessions of the NHRC were held Nov 3 – 5, 2014. The presenter's video webcasts and Member Updates are now available online here.

Student Opportunities:

Opportunities for Emerging Professionals at CHRA’s National Congress on Housing and Homelessness include: bursaries, mentoring, even a networking pub night. Check it out:

Housing Internship Initiative for First Nations & Inuit Youth:

Upcoming Conferences and Events:

  • 7th Annual SCARP Symposium, Vancouver BC, Feb. 27th 2015: Website
  • National Congress on Housing and Homelessness, Winnepeg, April 28 to May 1, 2015. Website
  • CFAA 2015 Canadian Rental Housing Conference, Toronto, June 11-12, 2015: Website
  • CHF Canada's 2015 Annual General Meeting/Conference, Charlottetown, PEI, June 3-6 2015: Website
  • National Conference on Ending Homelessness, Montréal, Nov. 2-4 2015: Website
  • Forum on Health, Homelessness and Poverty, Arlington VA, USA, Nov. 5th 2015: Website

Research Education Resources:

Urban Partnerships: The 2014-2015 application period for the Urban Partnerships Program is now open. To learn more, click here

Community Capacity: The 2015-2016 application period for Community Capacity Support funding is now open. To learn more, click here

Call For Abstracts: The Forum on Health, Homelessness, and Poverty is an academic conference bringing together policy researchers, policymakers, and those working in the community to significantly reduce the effects of homelessness on health, and to study the relationships among health, poverty and homelessness in an effort to improve policy design and outcomes. The deadline for paper submissions is Sept. 4th 2015. The conference will be held Novemeber 5th, 2015, in Arlington, VA, USA. More information here.

The State of Homelessness: Learn more about the state of homelessness in Canada in this Homeless Hub Research Report. Find the report here. 
A Safe and Decent Place to Live: Towards a Housing First Framework for Youth. This Executive Summary explores new options for solving the issue of youth homelessness in Canada. See the summary
PHRN Winter Newsletter 2015: 
For upcoming housing research, words from our Chairs, student news and more, please read our 2015 Winter Newsletter 
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