Farm to Cafeteria: Canada Digs In! 
October 2014 Issue 1


Farm to Cafeteria: Canada Digs In!

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am pleased to present the first issue of Farm to Cafeteria: Canada Digs In! This quarterly newsletter aims to provide those keen on getting more local, healthy and sustainable foods into Canada's public institutions with timely highlights of programs, policy, evaluation and events across the nation. Our promise is to keep our newsletters brief! You will find no more than 3-5 key national announcements per issue.

Happy Farm to School Canada Month!

Eva Negley
Communications Lead
Farm to Cafeteria Canada
Farm to Cafeteria Canada Grows in Leaps and Bounds
Farm to Cafeteria Canada  (F2CC) is a national organization championing efforts to get healthier, local, and sustainable foods into the minds, onto the plates, into the mouths of those who live, learn, work, are healed, and play in Canada's public institutions.   

Established in 2011, F2CC has much to be proud of! In three short years the advisory committee grew from 8 to 21 members representing diverse regional agencies across the nation. In 2012, F2CC issued - Local Foods: Canadian schools, campuses and health care facilities speak up - the first national survey of local food activity in Canadian institutions. The results of this report served as the foundation for F2CC's strategic plan.
In 2013, F2CC teamed up with multiple organizations to secure 2.4 million to support Nourishing School Communities - an initiative designed to create healthy local food environments for school children. A significant portion of this funding will be directed towards establishing, supporting and linking Farm to School  programs, evaluation and policy across Canada.
Today, in addition to activity on the Farm to School front, F2CC is exploring local food procurement processes and policy within institutions. Learning Labs are emerging as a promising practice to scale up institutional procurement of local foods. 

"Since it's inception, Farm to Cafeteria Canada has done a wonderful job of harnessing the energy of many diverse organizations to  help Canadians enjoy the delicious tastes of locally grown food", Dr. Mary McKenna, PhD, RD, Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick.
Nourishing School Communities - Giving  Students a Fresh New Perspective on Food

Nourishing School Communities is a collaborative, evidence-based initiative that aims to give school children across Canada a fresh new perspective on food. At 2.4 million Nourishing School communities represents one of the largest food and nutrition investments in Canadian schools.

“Encouraging a healthy and local approach to food is one of the most important legacies we can leave to our children to help them lead healthy adult lives,” says Mark Holland, Director of Children and Youth for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the lead agency managing the initiative. "Increasing the availability of nutritious food such as vegetables and fruit can help reduce the risk of heart disease by as much as 30 per cent." 

Nourishing School Communities is funded by the Canadian Partners Against Cancer and Health Canada through the Coalition Linking Action and Science for Prevention (CLASP) initiative.

More about Nourishing School Communities activity in New Brunswick is available in this press release.

 Canada's 1st Farm to School Month Campaign

The clock is ticking - there are only 7 days left to register in Farm to Cafeteria Canada's first national Farm to School Month campaign. From coast to coast, educators and students, parents and community members, farmers and chefs, have shared with us their stories of celebration in gardens, on field trips to orchards and farms, starting salad bars, and baking with school grown produce. Take a look at our Farm to School Month Photo Gallery capturing the many ways schools are nourishing student's mind and body with healthy, local food on every student's plate.  

Every farm to school program or project has a story to share. Send us yours by the end of the month. Go to our website, register your school and be entered in a draw for a $1,000 farm to school grant. 
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