EU Questions Viability / Labour calls for Moratorium / Facts Before Frack Event
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Last Newsletter of 2015

See who got what - maps, and a page for each licence block, on Drill or Drop here.  Cuadrilla blocks are green, Ineos in orange.
It's been an amazing year, with awareness of fracking continuing to rise, and therefore opposition inevitably rising too - and more and more local groups getting active.  The latest licences, and disregard for democracy, only accelerate resistance, so it's only a matter of time before fracking is banned in the UK.

So for the final newsletter of the year, some of the more positive recent developments (or a least a positive take on them), and the first couple of Events for 2016 - the Bishop and the Doctor are coming to town!

Europe Turns Against Fracking

Analysts write that, "Hopes of developing large-scale shale resources in Europe have faded.  Germany, Romania and Bulgaria have placed moratoriums on fracking, while there is little appetite in France.  Exploration activity in Europe plummeted throughout last year and this year. 

"Although prospects for developing large-scale resources can generally be described as highly improbable across Europe, the UK's less-stringent regulations and commercial interest in shale resources coincide to make extraction more likely.

"Nevertheless, even in the UK where support at the highest levels is tangible, energy companies still face local opposition and high well costs.  Describing shale production within the UK as unproblematic would be misguided."  - Erik Lambert, GlobalData analyst

EU Questions Viability Anywhere in Union

Even the European Parliament is starting to turn.  It's latest official position on fracking acknowledges several broad risks, and says
" is questionable whether hydraulic fracturing can be a viable technology in the European Union; believes that public concerns must be properly addressed..."
  •     acknowledges public concern
  •     consequences for:
  •     climate
  •     environment
  •     health
  •     decarbonisation goals
  •     questions it’s viability
Read paragraph NR134 here, of the report: on Towards a European Energy Union.


Labour Party Calls for Moratorium

After the government U-turn last week to allow fracking under protected areas, Labour’s energy spokesperson, Lisa Nandy, said:
“We should have a moratorium on fracking in Britain until we can be sure it is safe and won’t present intolerable risks to our environment. Neither MPs or the public have received these assurances yet Ministers are ignoring people’s legitimate concerns and imposing fracking on communities.”

There was no proper debate, leading former environment minister, Ben Bradshaw, to accuse the government of, "treating Commons with contempt". 
The Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron, said it was "outrageous" and, "tantamount to vandalism to not recognise that some areas simply must be protected from fracking so that they can be enjoyed by future generations.

Petition: Reverse the decision to allowing fracking under our national parks.

Another Powerful Voice Speaks Out

Dr James Hansen, one of the world’s most prominent climate scientists, has strongly criticised the UK government’s pursuit of fracking:
"Well, that’s screwing your children and grandchildren. Because if you do that, then there’s no way to avoid the consequences [of] multi-metre sea-level rise. But we can’t do that. And that’s what the science says crystal clear. And yet politicians pretend not to hear it, or not to understand it. ... political leaders have not been willing to face the truth that you can’t burn all of that. They’re even bragging about having found the technology to get more of the gas out of the ground"  - Interview with Carbon Brief

Fri 22nd Jan, 19:30 – Driffield, The Old Town Hall


Facts Before Frack – Public Info Event


with Dr Tim Thornton & Bishop Graham Cray


Frack Free Driffield & Wolds is delighted to welcome 2 excellent speakers to Driffield.

Dr Tim Thornton, a GP for 30 years, has extensively researched the health and social impacts of fracking. 
Rt Revd Graham Cray, honorary Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of York has visited community groups affected by fracking in Pennsylvania, and will report on his trip.

The Old Town Hall at The Bell Hotel
Market Place
YO25 6AN

Fracking Info Evening & Discussion (Kirkburn Group)

Thurs 7th Jan 19:30 – Kirkburn Village Hall

What fracking is, the impacts on communities, and what you can do about it.

These evidence based talks will present facts gathered from international experts, oil industry insiders, and chemical and water safety engineers.  This event will be similar to the events held recently in Driffield & Wetwang.

The hall has a capacity of about a hundred, so places may be limited, please contact the Kirkburn group to get a place.

Kirkburn Village Hall
Main St
Kirkburn (5km South West of Driffield)
YO25 9DU


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