Work on community orchard on Sunday 22nd March at 11AM.
Public meeting on Tuesday 17th March at 7.30pm at the Chapel.
Village clean-up on Saturday 11th April at 10.30AM at the Chapel.
Thanks to The Conservation Volunteers (TCV).
Public meeting on Thursday 25th June at 7.30pm at the Chapel.
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Newsletter of Blackshaw Environmental Action Team (BEAT), March 2015, UpBEAT no 35.

This newsletter will also be posted to all households in Blackshaw Parish on 13th March. BEAT is grateful for the Parish Council letting our newsletter go out with their mailing. If you want to help stuffing the envelopes it will be done on Friday 13th March at 1PM at the Chapel.
Twenty people came despite hail, snow, rain and strong winds to the community orchard on Garry & Carol Kings land on 1st March and planted 68 apple  and plum trees.

Many thanks to them all and to the Newdy for lunch, paid for by BEAT as a thank you to the volunteers for their work.

The apple trees were grafted some time ago at two community workshops attended by 26 people. There is a wide variety of apple trees. The six different plum trees were bought from Incredible Edible Farm in Walsden.

On 22nd March there will be another opportunity to help out. Calderdale Council has kindly delivered a lorry full of wood chip for free, which need to be put around the fruit trees. So fairly easy work. If you are able to help we start at 11am.

The site is only a few minute's walk from the New Delight Inn, along the stream where the red telephone box is. Wear wellies or boots and gloves so you can stay warm and dry.

As a thank you for your help BEAT will offer you free vegan soup, bread and a drink of your choice at the Newdy at lunch time.

BEAT will also be planting some soft fruit bushes in the orchard with the help of 34 pupils and some teachers from Colden School.
During Science Week we have a public meeting on Tuesday 17th March at Blackshaw Head Methodist Church (the Chapel). We have two speakers:

1.    Roger Munday will talk about Science and religious belief – conflict or common ground? How can a rational, scientifically-literate person today sincerely believe in a supernatural, interactive God? Surely science will ultimately be able to explain everything. Are there not now more grounds than ever for doubting the existence of God? But if so, why are some significant scientists also devout Christian believers?
Roger is the lay pastor/preacher at Blackshaw Head and a former architect with a particular interest in the conjunction of the physical and the spiritual in church architecture.

2.    From Durham University we have Ben Campbell, who will be speaking on ‘Climate Change, Energy and Culture: global lessons for local practice’.
Ben is an anthropologist with a strong interest in mountain and upland societies around the world. He has worked in the Himalayas on subsistence agro-pastoralism, and indigenous environmental knowledge.
He is a lecturer at Durham University, and has made two films  'Shamanic Pilgrimage' and 'The Way of the Road' in northern Nepal. He brought two friends from Nepal to Cornholme in 1998, where they made terraces which he continues to cultivate as a WWOOF.
Our six-monthly village clean-up will take place on Saturday 11th April. We start at 10.30AM at the Chapel where you will be given the tools and a road to clear for rubbish.

If you cannot come that day and want to do some an other day you can just let us know what you are planning to do by contacting Phil Knowles ( or Finn Jensen (

After the village clean-up there will be tea, coffee and cakes in the Chapel.
Thanks to Phil for once again organising the clean-up, to the cake and drinks makers and to the Chapel for letting us use the building as the HQ.
Many thanks to The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) for giving tools worth £345.07  to BEAT. The tools are for work in our community orchards. The tools and all BEAT's work is insured with TCV.
Public meeting on Thursday 25th June

This public meeting will take place at Blackshaw Head Methodist Church, starting at 7.30pm. We have two speakers:

1.    “The Birds and the Bees” – Hugh Firman, Conservation Officer for Calderdale Council, will give an illustrated talk, explaining why grasslands are so important for a range of species and what can be done to conserve and restore them.

2.    Beth Morgan from Rooting and Fruiting,, will be speaking on 'What is radical mycology?'
Her talk will cover what she does, integrated food-fungi gardening, mycore mediation and benefits to our local community with questions and answers.
It will tie in nicely with her report released for the Winston Churchill Trust.
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