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Rally on August 25th!! Come show your support of SOS and join us at a public event this Thursday from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Golden Hill State Park Boat Launch Pavilion. We will be highlighting reasons for our opposition to the Lighthouse Wind project and give you an indication of the size of these towers and blades. We have new yard signs to distribute and information on what you can do to help the cause. Hope to see you there!


Back to Basics: This month we want to go back to some of the basics about what an industrial wind turbine siting would mean for our communities. These turbines would be the largest located on land in the U.S., at 620 ft. or taller. The stack at the Somerset power plant is at lake level and what we see is about 610 feet tall. These industrial wind turbines will be over 100 feet taller than the tallest building in Buffalo – and there will be 70 of them!  To support the base for a tower this tall there will need to be a foundation 30-70 feet deep. At 20 feet there is bedrock, so there would likely be blasting for the foundation. Each turbine blade is over 200 feet long.  This means that the diameter of the “wind swept” area will be larger than a football field. To make a way for those blades to be transported and turn corners on our narrow country roads will require an investment in infrastructure, and likely the removal of some trees.

These towers use energy to operate and can only use a small portion of the available wind.  Once in place, the blades will move. To begin moving they need to use an existing power source. That means they will use non-wind generated energy to start up and face into the wind. If the wind is below 30mph or gusty, power from the grid will also be used to keep the blade turning steadily. If the wind is too strong (55mph or higher), they will brake and shut down. This also takes energy. The turbine blades will continue to move only if the wind speed is within the narrow range at which they produce electricity. One of the problems with industrial wind turbines is that they do not produce energy to contribute to the grid at the times of peak usage, most notably on still, hot summer days or nights.

Because of the height of these turbines the blades may throw flicker as far as six miles on the long winter nights. The towers will have lights for planes; the lights will blink but not be synchronized.


Our Continuing Fundraising Efforts: Why do we keep asking for money and why aren't we tax deductible? Save Ontario Shores is a registered New York State non-profit organization.  We are not tax deductible because that designation limits the ways in which we can spend our time and money.  It was important right from the start of Save Ontario Shores, Inc. to support town board members who listened to the concerns of residents regarding the industrial wind turbines.  Being a not-for-profit that is not tax deductible gives us the ability to support local politicians who are against the industrial wind turbines in our rural towns and educate elected officials about our issues.  SOS supported new board members to make sure our voice is heard in the town of Yates and we have supported the Somerset town board that is working hard to fight the Lighthouse Wind project.


Every step of this process has meant that we must gather quality information to refute the claims made by Apex. We volunteer time, attend meetings and write letters but do not have all the expertise needed – we are volunteers who live in these communities. With your financial help we hire experts to gather information and challenge statements made by Apex. If we didn't do this there would be a great deal more misinformation out there. Additionally there are expenses for educational materials, yard signs, stamps, fees for participation in festivals and public events.  Many people donate in kind items such as food for public meetings, screening costs for movies and many other expenses that help us to get the facts and information to the public.  Everyone does what they can and together we continue to move forward in this fight for a healthy, peaceful community free of 600 foot industrial wind towers. 


SOS signs have been taken from a number of locations recently. If your sign was one of them, contact us for a replacement or two. Call your local sheriff department and report the losses. In Somerset, call the Somerset Police Department at (716) 255-0503 or the Niagara County Sheriff Department at (716) 438-3393. In Orleans County, call the Sheriff Department at (585) 589-5527.


Presentations to town boards, community groups: We have been asked to present information about the proposed project at some local town boards outside of Somerset and Yates. We have held information sessions and shown the documentary “Big Wind” locally. If you would like us to talk to your town board, please speak to your supervisor or board members. Let us know if any community group, business or other organization would like a presentation or general information. We have presentations of varying lengths to suit your needs.


Have you submitted comments to the DPS website? Please take the time to do this, especially if you have never submitted one before. THIS IS IMPORTANT. These are being noticed and can make a difference. It’s easy to do and your comments do not have to be lengthy. Give a specific reason for your concern with this project. Go to the following link:


Thank you for your support and hope to see you on the 25th!!




Click here for the 2016 Town Board Meetings


Don't forget to post your comments to the PSC:…/MatterManage…/CaseMaster.aspx… you need a subject to write about, check out our talking points on our web site:

SOS is 100% funded by generous local individuals. Please consider joining this work by giving what you can. SOS is a not for profit corporation and it is not a tax exempt organization, so donations are not deductible for tax purposes.

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