September 17, 2019  SOS Newsletter
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SOS September Newsletter

Public Health Forum Recap

On Tuesday, September 10, Senator Ortt sponsored a public health forum which brought together experts in health, acoustics, noise, and siting issues as they pertain to industrial wind projects in New York State. Individuals shared impacts they’ve experienced while living near industrial wind turbines. Over 120 people were present to learn more about this topic.

We commend Senator Ortt for focusing on these issues. There are concerns which cannot be ignored relating to the noise being generated by industrial wind turbines, as well as infrasound and shadow flicker. While there are those working for the wind industry or who desperately want to believe industrial wind projects are the answer to climate issues, public health is a topic which needs to be seriously considered in the siting of wind projects.

Below are links to several sources with good information about the content of the event.

Orleans Hub News Article Summarizing the Event

Wind turbines aren’t the noise-free, idyllic structures that are typically presented to be, said several speakers at a forum Tuesday on the public health impacts of industrial wind turbines. The turbines, which tower more than 400 feet high, not only change the looks a rural landscape, but they have shadow flicker and infrasound that effect the health of many residents near the turbines.”

Senator Ortt’s press release

The purpose of this forum was to educate the public and policymakers of the impacts these industrial turbines will have on the health, well-being, and quality of life of the residents in the communities where they are proposed. Because of New York State’s energy policy, set directly by Gov. Cuomo, we will see significantly more energy projects forced upon rural and small towns across Western New York. We must have more of these forums so that we can gather the facts and hear from industry experts and local communities about the impacts these projects will have on residents.”

The last speaker at the event, not included in the Hub article, was Rebecca Sheldon, speaking on behalf of two individuals who live within the Maple Ridge and Copenhagen Wind projects in Lewis County and have been dealing with impacts for 13 years and nearly one year, respectively. Testimonials from impacted individuals are important to consider when trying to understand the problems experienced when living near industrial wind turbines. Often, as is the case in the Maple Ridge project, most landowners in the area have either signed leases or good neighbor agreements which prevent any complaints from being made public.

You will be able to hear all the presentations and stories when a video is available and posted on our website.


Summer 2019 Update and Information

In August 2019 over 50 people attended an SOS information/update evening.

Below are some of the highlights and links.

Thank you for your support!


SOS Website – New and Improved!

  • new layout

  • Home page - DPS comments, G. Abraham white paper & editorial

  • Tabs updated regularly

  • New tabs include: Why We Oppose, Other Projects, Apex Developer

  • including interactive map of leases (Did you know that to date this map has been viewed over 9000 times??)

Update on Lighthouse Wind developer, Apex

- Hired a new lobbyist 4/15/19

- Lighthouse Wind is still on the Article 10/interconnection queue.

- Galloo Island Wind, another Apex project, has serious eagle nest concerns (NY Times article)


Heritage Wind, another Apex industrial wind project in Barre, NY

  • SOS became a party to comment on visual impacts, wildlife impacts and experiences with Apex

  • This project is in the stipulations process with possible Article 10 project application in 2019

  • 10 mile project area extends into Yates

Health and Wellbeing in Arkwright

  • The Arkwright industrial wind project became operational in September 2018 and residents have been complaining about noise and health impacts.

  • Testimony after the Arkwright turbines began to operate. (6:04)


Other Issues

Data Center in Somerset: A possible data center at the site of the existing coal plant provides an opportunity for economic benefit without the sprawling impacts of industrial wind.

Passage of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act in June 2019 sets the stage for a greater push for industrial wind and industrial solar projects in an expanding number of rural communities.

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